All fire stick guides in one spot! *Please Read*

Alot of talk on this, so I’m making all the troy guides available updated in one topic pinned for easy access.

Always search for updated stuff first.
Remote shell app
Best streaming apps to use with RealDebrid.
Buffering info
Complete beginners guide for firestick setup.
Reset firestick and fire tv
How to reset kodi on firestick.
How to reset and factory reset firestick
How to update firestick
Usb formating guide
Expanding firestick storage.
Update blocker method for firestick
Installing vpn on firestick
Firestick remote fixes
Update kodi on firestick
Firestick tricks and setup
Missing icons.
Iptv buffering fixes firestick
Lots of app to use!
Hidden firestick tricks.
Developer Options info
Wolf launcher for firestick
All things Kodi
Important information about dev options and enabling it. For some reason if you dont see or have developer options try this:

Also try resetting your device.
Firetv Users
Device and setting, look for about and click that 7 times for dev options to appear.

Important firestick and fire tv guides for you!
Tivimate guide

Important info about updates and custom launchers

Read the info here.

Tivimate video and iptv best provider lists
Amazon clear cache
Disabling Amazon updates
Fire stick using USB issue
Debloater not working?
Firesticks (Critically Low on Storage alert)
Firestick 4K Fire OS can't see USB drive
Firestick 4K keeps rebootingg
Downloads from app to external storage
Firestick menu bar apps missing
Move apps from USB to Internal
Jailbreak Firestick Sept 2022 instructions-Downloader missing?
Firestick os 7.0 Can't See USB Drive
Firestick not loading
Missing App Icons
Fire stick restarting it self
Techdocuk cache cleaner?
Expanding firestick with flash drive
No account found
IP vanish icon not showing up on firetv box
Updating ip Vanish to version 4
Can you enable adoptable storage to a fire stick?
Fire tv stick no enable unknown apps
Cinema HD V2 App
Expand internal storage on Firestick Questions
Subscription to APK
Moving apps to from USB to Firestick
My 3rd Gen fire tv doesn’t show developer options?
Amazon fire stick developer options removed
Problem adding USB to Firestick
Record on external drive using tivimate
No “My fire tv” in settings
New Fire TV Jailbreak?
Prime video error code 8056
New Fire TV Jailbreak?
Reset to factory
Manage installed applications on new fire tv
False title, dev options are available
Can't get developer options on Amazon Fire TV 50" 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV -
My Fire TV does not appear in Fire TV Settings
Wolf Launcher - Won't Launch an App
Firestick stuck on boot screen
Firestick loss of storage
Same problem-Better asked question
Adding storage to 4kFirestick
Storage drive, Firestick 4K Max not working
Buy firestick programmed for external storage?
Adding USB flash drive to Fire TV Cube
Best Way to Jailbreak a Firestick?
Storage on 4K Max Firestick
Archived videos maybe?
Stick storage issues
Firestick factory installed apps
Adding storage storage to 2nd gen fire tv
Fire stick developer options blocked
Partition a flash drive
Increase storage on Firestick 4K Max
New Insignia Fire TV No "My Fire TV" and No "Developer Options" on Settings Menu
Kodi on my 4k max firestick
Am I the only one having issues with Firestick and RD?
Launcher Manager on FireStick Lite
Playback on fire stick quits after a few short minutes
Iptv buffering alot
Firestick 4K running out of memory
Firestick failure
4K fire stick, load storage message
How do I add a usb drive to my fire stick?
Fire Stick Need help shutting off all the time and buffering all the time is it worth keeping
Rest set to factory default
Firestick 4k bought but doesn't work
Surfshark not working on fire stick
Kodi on Firestick Shortcut Flashes But Won't Open
Fire Stick shutting down and restarting
How to jailbreak new 4k firestick
Firestick Doesn't recognize USB
Greyed out icons on Fire Cube 3
Plain Jane fireTV - maximum apps?
Removing old Firestick 4k and installing 4k Max without losing settings and third party apps?
My fire stick lags
Hard drive transfer
Cloning a Fire TV Stick with a 3rd Generation Fire TV Cube
Problem with adding USB Flash Drive to Firestick 4K Max
Kodi suddenly not opening
Fire TV Still Not Working
Issues with firestick 4K
Add External Storage to Fire Stick
Firestick External Storage with USB Drive
Apps missing in Appstore
Fire stick and kodi
External Storage - A predictor of fate?
Wolf lancher email?
Problem with both Firesticks
Syncler Provider Packages
Icons missing on FS 4K Max
How to install kodi builds with usb stick on my fire stick?
Cyberflix & Firestick 4k
Unable to access Amazon prime videos
Firestick not working can't reset
Firestick OS / 4812
Install added memory to firestick
LAN and USB for expanding memory
RAI failure can't download ES File Explorer
Can't update Firestick OS or factory reset(Firestick 4K)
Usb recording file tivimate
Why does Xenon run so slow
Move apks to home screen
I would like to know how to get more storage on fire stick for free without deleting apps
Debloater Tool, can't access start button
Set up for new fire stick
Firestick stuck on "FireTV" screen
Firestick info and knowlege
Recording from firestick for any iptv sports service
Firestick is not working
My Fire TV Stick 4K Max does not have developer Options
Little Yellow Bird ☺️
Maximum memory that can be added to the Fire TV Stick 4K Max
Fire TV Low On Storage
How To Increase Storage On Firestick & Fire TV
Fire stick 4 k max has no storage space only 699 after clearing cache
Add external storage to the cube
Kodi app opening
Favorites won’t load
Firestick 4K reboots itself several time while watching
External Space Recognized but Not Used
Fast task killer wont show up
Sideload Launcher not operating on Firestick 4k?
Downloader NO unknown apps issue


Please don’t try to block updates unless you are postive you have the correct firmware version. I have also added the beginners setup guide. Enjoy.