Best apps to use mega topic

Hello, i compiled a topic with helpful alternatives to use for streaming. This will cover everything. It has reviews and everything you need to get going.

Best cinemahd alternatives
Best streaming apps
Best apks for movies and tv shows.
Real debrid complete setup.
Best external players
Tivimate, the best.
100 best aps for firestick/android

These links should really help you make the best informed choice to watch movies and tv shows.

My personal recommendation is:

  • Stremio works with rd/orion
  • Kodi crew/seren works with rd/orion
  • Syncler works with rd/orion
  • Weyd works with rd/orion

All of the above use real debird/orion

I will have this topic pinned, i see alot of topics discussing alternatives, we should be looking at the main website as alot is covered. So i made a shortcut.

Remember firestick users to watch your space, you dont need much to get going. I have installed tivimate, syncler and weyd on my firestick and its all i need.

Remember to always check the main website for updated guides.

Please be sure to see this topic and cinemahd troubleshooting topic first before making a cinemahd topic, its a common and popular thing thats highly covered.


I note in the Real-Debrid set up guide that ExpressVPN is described as non-cooperative with it. I have used RD for several years now and have never had any problems at all streaming videos from Crewe and Stremio using RD with EVPN in operation. I was really surprised to read this.


non-cooperative does not mean will not work. I believe Troy mentioned this in a follow up on his surfshark review.


Kinda like an ex-wife or girlfriend? :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Thanks Dracco.
It may have been my topic regarding trying Cinema that precipitated this…

The good thing about expanding memory is that you can leave several apks stored to really get to know them.



It comes up alot, not just you. I thought having a topic up would help.

That’s good, keep trying them, pick out what you like.



I cant have that link posted, the iptv stuff cant be posted here, feel free to pm it to people tho.

For now follow the troyguides, but that was a good link, thanks for the find.

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Sorry! :flushed: I thought it would be okay since I didn’t mention any specific service. Are we not supposed to even mention those 4 capital letters in our posts? I’m not trying to be a wiseguy, I just want to play by the rules. :blush:



Im referring to the content in the link, has a whole wack of iptv providers. I dont care if you say iptv or anything, it was what was in the link.

One of them is a major scam.