Expanding Internal Storage

Just throwing this out there. Before buying an OTG cable and a USB flash drive and then spending the time going through the process, consider whether you really need to or not. Everyone uses their devices differently.

If you subscribe to a ton of verified streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, etc.) then chances are you will run out of space eventually. But how many apps do you really need to download to fill up all of your free space? Right now I have 27 apps downloaded on my device that take up a total of 2.7GB and 500MB of cached data. I don’t even use some of those apps and should probably delete them. Typically a firestick will have about 5GB of free space because the system apps and everything take up approximately 3GB. If apps are the only thing eating up your storage space then I’d imagine you need 50+ to run out of space.

If you download content on your device you are going to run out of space real quick. Whether it’s movies, shows, or recording something off of IPTV. There’s probably a better way to go about it.

As I mentioned, everyone uses their devices differently. I personally have an IPTV service that I use with Tivimate. The only time I record anything is if it’s a live event that I can’t get on demand later (sports, the news, etc.). I also use Kodi with a single add-on (no build) and real-debrid. I never have to download a single thing. The only other apps I really use are my VPN, Pandora, and YouTube. I have other apps downloaded and logged in with my parents TV provider info just in case I ever need them, but I think that’s only happened once.

Not sure if this post will be helpful to anyone or not. Just thought I’d throw it out there as something to think about. If you’re new to cord cutting then you don’t necessarily need to rush to get a USB drive and OTG cable. Why spend the money before finding out if you really need to?



Actually very informative post. Alot of you are trying to quit cable and not pay so much but then decide to run your little no space firestick and record iptv like you are with cable that comes with a dvr.

Don’t use it like that unless you have the storage capability.

When deciding to make the switch to iptv and vod streaming absolutely research what your intentions are.

Any tv or move show (not live sports or news) can be covered via streaming apps.

In my honest opinion I’d look for something other than a fire stick but that’s just me. As mentioned everyone does things differently. If your intentions are to record iptv then you need a good storage setup and I wouldn’t recommend a stick using a extender. I’d get something a little better and has built in storage readers internal/external.


I too, appreciate this post. To highlight just what is being said, I use a Firestick 4k, but I don’t record events, movies or TV shows. I just stream them. I have 5 Kodi add-ons loaded and truthfully I only use 2 routinely and the others only if those go down or other issues that pop up. I still have 2 and change of memory left on my stick. I use a VPN and I get download speeds between 110-130 daily. As for now, I don’t subscribe to an IPTV service, because the APK’s I installed provide everything I need. In short, my only expense was the Firestick, and the yearly expense of the VPN. So unless you are into recording things to watch later, chances are your device, when set up, can provide everything you want.


I have all the apps I need to get all the content I need, and my 4K still has 2.55 GB free. I never install any sports apps as I can get live sports free in my Silk browser. Live TV I use Ola TV as it has thousands of worldwide channels, also free, and VOD is taken care of with Stremio and Cinema HD as backup. I test dozens of apps every month to see if what others use or like is worth it. I use ES file explorer to remove the apks left over and background apps and process list to close the background apps and clear the cache. I shut off power nightly to limit thermal damage to components and extend the life of my 4K.
By the way, anyone coming to Mexico can bring me a 4K Max as I can’t order one.


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Also good post on topic.

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Thank you, Jayhawks659 so much for taking the time to respond and explain how to connect. I also appreciate the many ways to watch whatever I might watch when I want to.

So why do I need to record and will I run out of space?

I’m a news junkie. Meet the Press is on the same time as George Stephanopoulos. Chris Wallace is on the same time as Sunday morning. Weekdays I wake up after Morning Joe which runs for 3 hours daily so I watch it when I get up. News programs are the only reason I subscribe to Sling which allows 50 hours of free recording space and even then you can’t record CBS or ABC so those must be watched live.

You can’t get these weekly Sunday morning shows on Cinema. Plus, the most important part is I can SKIP commercials. So watching these shows takes 45 min not an hour. I never run out of recording space because I watch them all, the day I record them (I’m retired). Getting TiviMate to work means I can drop the $35/mos I pay for Sling.

Now perhaps you think what I need is a psychiatrist–and that’s debatable! lol! Still, the information you provided will be most helpful to many cord cutters. thank you

@Jayhawks659 great post! I agree 100% with you. I use three apps on a regular basis and this is about it. TiviMate, Syncler, and IPVanish.


To be honest, I suspect most cord cutters use just a handful of streaming apps. I know that about 3-4 are always my go to for watching just about anything.

I guess I like messing with apps and tech because it’s entertainment for me. I like discovering innovative ways to do things. Also, my OCD demands that I fill up empty space; ergo, apps, apps, and more apps! LOL

I just messed with this USTV247 android app for hours yesterday just trying to get it to work as an app on my Shield. I finally gained success late last night and was able to get the app to actually download. Although, I did have to make a shortcut for it to appear in my favorites. lol

Heck, most of the time the TV is just for background noise. I like to go out to watch any sports I may be interested in.

Tech is fun!

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I did this process to increase the storage in my firestick 4k and I find that I wish I had more space for movies. I used a 128GB stick and so I have roughly 60 GB storage space for movies. I don’t add many apps to my firestick, so my main use would be storage for movies. How would I allocate more for storage for movies and less for expanded internal for apps?

Good question. What the guide doesn’t tell you is that it doesn’t have to be 50/50. In fact, you could do 90/10 if you wanted to. You’ll have to start all over again and reformat your drive. And I think the confusing part is whether it needs to be 90/10 or 10/90. I had trouble on my parents firestick figuring out which partition was going to be the internal storage and which one was going to be the removable storage. But there’s only two ways you can do it. If you did it backwards the first time do it the other way the second time.

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Thank everyone for all your help, I’m still rereading everything. Again thanks to all

Good morning from the UK everyone . Rather than start a new thread I thought I’d ask this question here if that’s ok as it is a very similar topic ?
I have a JVC fire edition tv , essentially a 4K tv with fire tv built in .
Any ideas on how I can expand the storage in a similar way to Troy’s method for firestick’s ?
Fir everybody’s information, I don’t have access to a PC but I do have an OTG thingy :blush:

I don’t think you can. But if the TV has a USB port try it out. It would be the same exact steps. However, a lot of people are asking about expanding internal memory when they really don’t need to.

can i order in usa then turn around and mail it to you ?

I just added extended storage to my fire stick. It is 100 percent internal storage. If I download a stream, does it download to the extended storage, or the storage on the stick? I would be downloading from an app located on the extended storage.