Buffering help links provided

Streaming apps and buffering

Hello! Alot of you mention buffering and having issues with it. I’m going to break it down to help you. Buffering resolutions always stem from troubleshooting. This will more or less be what to do when I encounter buffering.

Always check your down speeds, it could be your isp is having server congestion or high nose. Peak times is when this becomes a issues. Sometimes it’s just your isp.

Fire stick buffering.

Kodi buffering

Follow those links, they have pretty much all the info in there to buffering. I just wanted create a checklist to help you all as well. Below is what you should start doing as part of troubleshooting. This is for streaming apps.

Find out what your paying for down speed/up speed.

Make sure your vpn is properly configured l, there is links on Troy’s site for this. Same applys for other vpns.

Ipvanish supercharge guide
Kodi speed up guide.

 1. Run a speed test on the device your using.
 2. Wired test/wireless test
 3. Vpn on/off test
 4. Firestick debloated?/cleaned up?
 5. Device your using cleaned up?
 6. Make sure your resources and ram are not taken up or your devices isn't overheating.
 7. Speed up kodi/using builds? Try clean version no builds.
 8. Make sure vpn is set to closest fastest server
 9. Vpn wireguard 
 10. Make sure to use mx player or vlc with harware acceleration+ set on mxplayer.
 11. Make sure you are connected to 5ghz and not 2.4 if your close. If you are on 2.4 make sure down speed is enough.

These steps plus the links and the guides should really help you with buffering. You need at least 30 down and 10 up for 1080p, a wired connection is always better than wireless. Try to reset Modem and check your 2.4 and 5g connections. If your split your internet through a Modem test your speed connected to the modem and then connected to the router. If speeds vary and are better direct to the modem may need a better router. Sometimes if you upgrade your speed you will need a better Modem contact your isp.

Iptv is similar difference is it could just be your providers server or content lagging and buffering. If the above is ment then your iptv provider is having issues on his end.

Everyone is to make sure their devices are cleaned app cleared cache clean and not to many on running apps in the background. It’s good to run sdmaid as well to keep devices running smooth.

Feel free to ask questions with this topic and links and info provided I feel this should help with your buffering.

Down speed: 45
Up speed: 10

I would personally recommend to have more than 100 down and 15 up. Things can effect your speed so if it goes down here and there you wont notice it and you wont get buffering.


Make to go into settings and change your buffering size small medium large. If your down speed is fine and buffer size changed and still buffering on iptv, contact your provider. Could be server congestion.