New Wolf Launcher Video for Firesticks & Fire TV Cubes

I’ve added the Launch on Boot app to Rapid App Installer so you can complete this entire task with the TROYPOINT App.

Here is the video tutorial.


Thank you for thr video hopefully it helps others who want to use wolf.

Edit: I have added this to the firestick topic as well for everyone for a shortcut to the video.


Has anyone tried button mapper on the home button?

I downloaded and installed it on my wife’s Cube.
Works like a charm.

Is there anything we can do to use the wolf launcher on the firestick now? or is it completely not doable anymore? Other than light it on fire? Good grief its like getting assaulted everytime you turn on the TV!

Saw that…video is unavailable. If its in the RAI I will check it out

Hello @pkturpin here is the video and screenshot guide. I always suggest searching on the TROYPOINT official site for all of our tutorials. They are all there.

Your Launch on boot recommendation a while back for Firestick and Wolf Launcher saved me from throwing away my Firesticks. Much appreciated!


Sweet!.. I have been using the Wolf launcher for a while now and love it, this will allow me to use it again…Thanks!!! Thevideo at top of this page and the link Miki posted were both not available so i figured maybe it got taken down…but thank you

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Yes Absolutely! I agree

The link Troy provided has a working install video. As of 3.03 PM CT 4.03Eastern it’s working.

As of 3:58 pm Eastern today, the video is not available.

It is available on our TROYPOINT website here -

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