Tivimate video and iptv best provider lists

For all of you that have been asking what Tivimate is, if it’s worth it, how to use it, how to customize it, etc., this video is for you! Please feel free to copy the link to this thread and paste it in others if you have seen questions about Tivimate posted elsewhere. Enjoy!

Troypoint Tivimate Guide
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I am still navigating around Tivimate and discovering more and more useful features that makes Tivimate an outstanding choice for IPTV players.

I have a question. Using Tivimate, is it possible to input an epg source and assign it to a specific iptv service even though it is not the native source for that particular iptv service?


Thank you for this guide. I hope it gets pinned. Awesome job.


Great job Jay…

With all Tivimates features… this may turn into a mini-series… lol


You don’t know how many times I started over, fumbled over my words, or just ended up talking too long about a certain topic lol. Glad I finally got it right. Could have remembered to turn off the lights though and get rid of the glare. Oh well.


Yes it is. However, I haven’t played around with that much. A good IPTV provider should have the EPG match all the channels and update regularly. A lot of people choose to use this EPG instead.


Yes you can go into each playlist and add EPG sources… IDK what the limit is but I know you can have at least five…

Select which playlist…
EPG sources…

Now u can add & prioritize


The reason I ask is because I have several iptv services on my Tivimate and noticed that the quality of epgs differs from one service to the next. So I was wondering if there is a quality epg source somewhere that I could assign to some, or all my services.


Worth testing out for sure. Just remember to do a backup before you change anything so you can quickly revert back if it doesn’t work out.


Can I assign an epg from one iptv to another iptv, or are the epgs only for use with a specific iptv url??

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Check these videos out. This is for the EPG service I linked above.


Oh yeah, you can mix & match all you want… whichever 1 you think is the best … put that as your default for all & first priorty in all your lists & so on…

It usually takes a little bit for it to cycle & update


Sorry I strayed off topic.

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Thanks, I will check it tomorrow.


I love their newest update that allows you to record shows you watch all the time just once instead of having to continually add them again and again. The repeat function under custom recording allows you to add a recording just once.

LOVE TIVIMATE! I’ve been using it now for over 2 years. They continually update this app which indicates they are committed to their product. All the things they have added in the last year were on my wish list of things I thought they should add…were they reading my mind? LOL. Between the new repeat record function and the ability to copy a channel and put it where you want makes this app indispensable for me. I do not understand why anyone would use another app for their IPTV service(s) unless they are unaware of it. For me it is the best one out there.


Changing colors was a big hit with me.

Was like a toddler. Yay. Lol. The editing of groups is really awesome it helps with load times. I take out everything I don’t watch and it loads faster.


Can anyone tell exactly what it does an how to use it properly


It’s an IPTV Client. You enter your subscription details and it will load channels, EPG, VOD, etc. and display them in a really easy-to-use interface that is still very powerful.

There is a free version, or you can buy premium (by year or one-off lifetime) which allows you to add multiple providers to it.

Best player out there IMHO.

It has quite a good reddit forum.


Troypoint has a video showing install and how to use.