Kodi guides and info

Hello, this is just a mega topic to get all your kodi info.

Please make sure to follow all of troypoints guides on kodi. I will have some references here.

Biggest thing to remember is your kodi version and the build/addon you want. Make sure they are compatible. 19+ is the matrix stable Make sure your build or addon is updated for that version.

Supercharge kodi
Skeleton crew v2
Must watch video for kodi setup.
Speed up kodi and the crew guide.
Crew not working? look here!
Colon key missing
Custom kodi build.
Adult addons
Best builds
Best addons.
Layout guide
Checking error logs.
Install kodi on firestick
Mega resources guide for kodi.
How to use kodi.
Multiple kodi builds within one.
Install kodi on any android box
How to disable oauth msg.
How to uninstall addons.
Kodi sports addons
Complete beginners guide for kodi

Best info for kodi with all your links.

Make sure to update your kodi addons regularly
Always check you read debrid subscription time

Seren keeping track of real debrid

With seren make sure you are going through the guide entirely.

Here are most common problems people are having troubles.

  1. Using a VPN not compatible with Real-Debrid. If you’re using IPVanish VPN, you have nothing to worry about as it’s 100% compatible with Real-Debrid.
  2. When configuring the Seren add-on, you aren’t taking the extra step to install the necessary scraper. You must read the entire Seren guide…all of it.
  3. You’re making a mistake when typing in one of the addresses for either the Seren addon itself or the scraper. Take your time and double check your spelling. One wrong character in either of those addresses and this won’t work.
  4. Your Real-Debrid account has expired. Keep in mind, you must have a premium account for this to work properly and they don’t notify you when your account has expired.

This as been addressed in the advisor as well.

Will update as more guides are available.

This should be all you need for kodi, that resources guide has everything. I wanted to make a all in one topic on this to help everyone. Remember to take your time with setup.

Thank you

And anyone else for there contributions. Pm me if I missed you.

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