Kodi Setup Video Start2Finish

Back again, but this time better!

Whether you’re a first time beginner or a seasoned veteran, this video has something for everyone. The video is long, but if you set it up right the first time you won’t have to touch it for years. I uploaded the video to my Google Drive, so hopefully it never gets taken down.

Covered in this video:
-Installing Kodi
-File Permissions
-The Crew Wizard
-The Crew Addon
-Home Screen Layout
-Video/Audio Settings
-Default Audio Language
-Auto Launch The Crew
-Real Debrid
-Cached Torrents
-Stop Video Using Back Button
-Jump Back After Pause
-Auto Resume
-Stuff I Already Forgot I Covered

Kodi Video + The Crew


Thank you for the video


Added it to the kodi guide.


Going to do this thank you very much for the video. I don’t know what happened to my kodi but all looks good until i click on scrapers & they come up uncashed torrents & wont play my movie or show. Not the techiest when it comes to this stuff.

I’m the 78 year old guy who has tried to set up kodi and the crew on my amazon firestick lite etc. I have just watched your entire video and I know I won’t be able to do this stuff, just not able to understand all the steps that are needed. I have ordered another 4k firestick and it is arriving today . If I subscribed to debrid and sent you my new 4k firestick and gave you the info on my debrid account also not sure what Trakt is or if I need to subscribe to something for that.
Having said all that if I mailed my 4k firestick to you could you do all this stuff including debrid and trakt and return it to me so I can just plug it in to my tv and start watching movies and tv shows. Just have a plug and play 4k firestick that I can actually watch stuff with.
How much would you charge me to do this if it can be done?
I’m on Social Security which is why I want to do this, can’t afford cable tv.
Thank you and if you can’t do this then I understand.
God Bless,

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Sorry, I can’t do that. If you know anyone who is good with technology locally that can help you out feel free to show them the video. Good luck with it.

Great video. Thanks for taking the time of putting it together. I’ve put a tab on this so it is right there for me look at when necessary. Quick question (I hope), do I need to set up Real-Debrid for every addon? I am setting up a second add-on
Absolution after doing the Crew. When I look at the Resolvers they are all unabled except for Real-Debrid. So it seems that maybe I don’t.

If each of your addons use ResolveURL, then no.

This is great! Thanks so much!

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Thanks so much for all the detail in the video explaining what some functions actually do. Had two issues, this on a Windows 11 Desktop. Couldn’t install the Skeleton version, said bad URL. I have it installed on my Chromecast and it works just fine, love it. . I too like the Amber skin and it does all I need. Next issue, I did have to load the stock Crew build ( I tried Franks Build which loaded but to busy for me ) and with the stock Crew, 3x during the video my Avast Security said it blocked “Funsterplace.net” . Any ideas what is causing this? .

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I just slapped something together for the skeleton crew build on Android OS. I didn’t create a version for Windows. I don’t do anything to manage or update it either, it was just a one-off. Some day if I ever find some free time I might revamp it and maybe use FEN instead of the crew. The issue is figuring out how to create my own repository. And still, don’t want to have to manage or update it or troubleshoot anything.

As for your Avast problem, just temporarily disable it to do the install if you know it’s a source you trust.

ahhhh, thanks for the reply. I didn’t consider Skeleton also needed to be a Windows version. Maybe I will try running the Android version through Blue Stacks.

Avast says the Funsterplace… is infected with URL:phishing so not so sure I want to turn Avast off and I was trusting The Crew repository… :slight_smile: Kinda stuck there.

Thank you so much, I didn’t know how to get started, my dragon box is trash and it has crashed so many times, well time to get a new one. again than you so much.


Stremio from start to finish.
Install Stremio.
Push start button.
Done! Enjoy.

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Cool bro. Enjoy your simplicity and limited functionality. Thanks for being a troll.

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I need 20 trolls, characters

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Are you saying the Skeleton Crew build that is listed in the wizard is only for Android?

For whatever reason he can’t be happy that people like KODI and takes every opportunity to Plug Streamio on KODI posts. I really don’t understand it


I don’t get it either. Kodi has infinately more configuration options and ways to personalize it. Both are excellent options for our viewing pleasure and provide us all a valuable opportunity to expand our knowledge. Diversity is necessary with the multitude of users here. Something for everyone.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!


I believe that to be true but haven’t tested it. They are different operating systems. I didn’t create a version of Skeleton for Windows. But maybe it’ll work, idk. Give it a try and let me know.