Skeleton Crew Build

Hey guys, my build is finished and has been uploaded in The Crew wizard. Check it out and let me know what you think!

This is a very basic build just for movies and TV shows using only the crew addon. This is meant to be for beginners as an easy “get up and go” option. Hence why I named it “Skeleton Crew”.

-Real Debrid required!
-Trakt is optional, but recommended.
-Very fast interface and playback.
-One click playback. No list of links to browse through.
-Cached torrents only = no buffering
-1080p or lower by default. You can enable 4K by going into the settings.
-Very simple menu layout.
-Submenu shortcuts for Trakt collection and other popular categories.
-Trending widgets on the home screen.
-Submenu shortcuts to login with Trakt and Real Debrid.

Known Bugs:
-From the trending category widget on the home page you can’t long press the select button to add a movie or show to your Trakt collection. Instead, click on the actual menu button for movies or tv shows, then go to trending from the list.
-The Partymode addon is still installed and will give an error on startup. To delete the add-on click on the main menu item that says “settings” then go to add-ons on the right side. Click on “my add-ons” then “services” and you can delete it from there.
-Audio output may be set to 7.1 passthrough by default. Go to the settings menu, then system settings, then audio. Change it to 2.0 if your sound only comes through your TV.

Installation Instructions:
Follow the Troypoint guide to install The Crew Repository
In the repository look for The Crew Wizard in program add-ons. Install it and open it.
Go to the builds section and scroll down until you see Skeleton Crew.


There was 2 skeletons same version? I choose the 1st one. Loads very fast :+1: :1st_place_medal:


I think it might just be a duplicate. There’s only one version.


Well done, super fast, no frills. I will set it up tomorrow. Looks nice.


Cool will check it out and put it on one of my KODI Forks


I plan to check it out today.
My question is what about those who do not have real debrid , can we still watch movies on this build ?


You’ll have to change a bunch of settings and it will completely defeat the purpose of this build. Don’t complain when it’s slow or links aren’t found if you aren’t going to use real debrid with it.

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should have named it Debrid Skeleton build :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the reply .
I am using Kodi with The Oath and The Crew as you suggested and I am ok with that .

My only problem is I liked the C:/goto sports addon which is gone

Hoping it will come back.

Otherwise your help B4 is working just fine for this guy.

I appreciate your efforts .


This build doesn’t have any sports or live TV. It’s just movies and TV shows. So I would stick with another build for an all-in-one solution. This is really geared more towards the people that use an IPTV service for live TV and sports and don’t need that in a Kodi build.


I like testing out builds and ive always liked doomzday sports101 for sports. Right now im testing misfitmods light. <<<<starting to think this might become my goto all around build…at least for this week :rofl: :eyes: :eyes:


I stumbled across C:/ goto and like you explored other builds .
Just trying Grindhouse seniors build on one device and kodi with no build on the other one with just 2 addons

I think I will checkout your suggestions . Nothing to lose , time is something I have lots of.

Thanks .
make a great day 4 yourself


I am not into Live TV on my devices.
Movies and sports mostly.

I will checkout other options for sports .

Hoping to get some advice on what might work for me minus
RD .

I appreciate the people in this group who willingly and freely share their knowledge and I acknowledge some of the stuff is well above my skill level .

Thank you.

Keep sharing and I will continue to learn

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Apoclines, Mad Titan Sports I have found to be a good sports addon and it has live TV shows.

Sorry new to this.
Is madtitans a build or just an addon

I went ahead and downloaded this last night and really like the look. However it seems to run very slow as compared to the Seren addon. Just curious, can you swap out the Crew addon for the Seren? Also is Troy’s fork option what you would use to have two Kodis on the same box? Thanks

Works pretty fast for me. Which part is slow? Loading a movie should take about 15 seconds because it’s searching for cached torrents and removing all the uncached. This results in better playback. But everything else like switching between menus and loading posters should be pretty quick.

You can swap to Seren. You’d have to download Seren and login with your real debrid account. Then go into the skin settings and reconfigure what every menu and submenu action does to point them to Seren. Then you’d have to configure your Seren settings however you’d like to get faster playback.

Or you could turn off cached torrents only in the crew settings, turn off verify cache, turn off remove uncached, turn off remove duplicates, and change your preemptive termination limit to something smaller. Your choice.


I’ll go back in to see if any thing has changed in my settings. It seemed at first Crew was working great then some issues and unable to load My Movies sections. So I’ll play around. Thanks

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Well if you did a fresh install of this build all the settings should be the way I had them. Although, I think I left the sound settings on 7.1 and I should’ve changed it back to 2.0 stereo before saving.

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