WireGuard Protocol Added to IPVanish VPN

Originally published at: WireGuard VPN Protocol Added to IPVanish VPN Through Beta Program

IPVanish VPN has added the new WireGuard protocol to some applications through their beta program. WireGuard is an extremely simple yet fast and modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography. This new protocol addition should mean faster download and streaming speeds for many of you on your Internet-connected devices. WireGuard on IPVanish VPN As of this…

Troy, just a note of thanks for all you do. As it relates to VPN’s have you released (or thought about releasing) an article on the technology itself and settings to optimize the “streaming experience”? Understanding this is a “sensitive” topic for some here, I for one would love to have a deeper understanding of the technology so I can make “tweaks” to my personal setup should I start seeing issues etc (regardless if my VPN is the same as the one you use).

As with so many of us here, thanks for all you do - I/we wouldn’t be where we are without your help and continuous support.

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Hello @emcpheet I would suggest starting with this. IPVanish VPN Protocol Speed Trick - Increase Your VPN Speed With These Simple Tweaks - YouTube This applies to all VPNs and will help you maximize download speeds by changing some protocol and server settings.

Thanks Troy, as always your one step ahead and have us covered. Thanks again for all you have done for me personally and the streaming community as a whole.

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