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Thank you for this and all you do!



Troy I Been Following You For A Long Time I’m Grateful I’ve Have Learned A Lot From You How To Enjoy My Firesticks​:pray::100::handshake:


It is good that you say it is ok to disagree. Making a 10 character password mandatory is totally not necessary. My password is strong enough to not be compromised.


@kw.strozewski You are welcome, Keith! Thanks for being a TROYPOINT supporter. Much appreciated.


@smithray512 Thanks for comment. The strong password requirement is so others don’t hack into the system and insert malware. This has happened to my WordPress site on numerous occasions due to weak passwords. We have over 5,000 members and I also don’t want their info being compromised either.


Thanks for your comment, James. This will be a great place to share ideas. I appreciate your support!


thanks for the invite and for all that you afford us


Troypoint is the best. Troy explains everything in understandable detail, I have progressed from absolutely no knowledge to helping friends and neighbors with their cord cutting efforts. Thanks Troy


This is create and thanks for all the things you do to support this community


I’m looking forward to the growth of this site! Thanks for all that you do Troy;


Thanks also for your site!:grinning::grinning::grinning: You are truly great with your Tutorials. If I can under stand what you are doing and saying I think most people can follow. I hardly knew how to turn off and on a computer before, Now I can Program my Matricom G box. It has turned into a hobby and past time to mess with it because it can always be RESET. LOL thanks :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Thank you so much. I have used your suggestions on so many occasions and really appreciate being a part of your world.


Thanks very much Troy!


It has been most educational over the years and looking forward to a collaborated speed of learning !


Your tutorials have helped me so much. Thanks for doing all of this.


Troy; thanks for all you do. I have learned so much from all your great video’s. and enjoy all my streaming. .


Thank you Troy for the invite to your new forum!
I have been and avid follower of Troypoint for just about 2 years now and have learned so much from your tutorials. I really love this hobby, you have been so helpful to me and I always look forward to your newsletter on all the updates! My 2nd gen Firetv box and my 2nd gen Firestick both run very smoothly!:grinning:
Thank you, greatly appreciate your time and effort!


Thanks, Troy, for the invite to the new Forum format! I have lost track of the length of time that I have been a follower, it has been quite a while. I began with a Roku box and graduated to a FireTV v.1, then a FireTV v.2, dabbled with setting up some Firesticks for my son and now I am currently setting up three 2017 NVidia Shields for various rooms in the house.

Oh my, how do I love the “Shield”!!! All three are running with the addition of a 256GB Samsung SSD T5 drive for extra internal storage. I love all of the space to have multiple Kodi Builds running. So much to watch,

APK use is great too for streaming and I go to sleep at night after turning on one of the IPTV services to which I subscribe.

I turned in my cable boxes to Time Warner quite some time ago and never looked back. I should have done it several years sooner than what I did!

I have learned a good deal following some of your guides along with several other fellow YouTube people that are kind enough to share their knowledge.

Thanks, Troy, for all of your efforts… you have helped a good many of us on our journey to “cutting the cord”. :slightly_smiling_face: