Please Read Forum Rules and Regulations Again!

Good evening all,
It seems to me and a few others some may need to read rules and regulations of this forum again. We’re all here to Learn, Teach and help one another. The basic rules are very simple, Yet time and time again I’m seeing blatant disregard for these. So maybe we should all read the forum rules again. Topics/ Threads and posts are created in certain order let’s try keep the posts and replies in the proper topic so people looking for advice for IPTV, Device/Hardware, VPN (etc) don’t need to read hundreds of needless posts on another topic other then what the original thread was created. Also using the search bar before asking could go along way. We understand some are new here and we’re glad to have everyone contribute but let’s try keep some order. Also a great tool the team has added is the “Solution/Solved “ option. If you create a post and receive a solution simply click on reply that fixed your inquiry and mark it as such. This will save needles reading and help people quickly find the fix they’re looking for. Thank you for your time and Welcome to our community. I only say this cause I’d hate to see people banned for something so simple but clearly stated in the forum the day you signed up. Have a great weekend.


Thank you for the post, and I do agree.

I would also like to add that using the like feature is helpful. No more needles repeat answers just like the answer that’s most helpful.

This community is fantastic and the people are awesome but as we get bigger as a community these little things help keep this fourm clean and to ensure everyone gets help to their issues.

Also when using the search feature is a great way to find guides. Using thr bookmarks tool is also great to save topics you need for later.

We just want everyone to enjoy and have all the help available to them if needed. These little things encourage that and help newer members get answers they need.

Edit: forgot to mention that if your topic has come to a resolution please use the solve option. That way when people search they can see solutions that helped them. Great tool for keeping this site running smooth and all possible help is given. Also make use of editing your post. Great feature so you don’t have to double post. You can also see what someone has edited as well. Just little things.

I’m nobody’s boss or trying to tell anyone what to do. I just feel it’s important to make sure everyone gets what they need. Very useful for newcomers as well. Everyone will be treated with respect. You can all msg as well. :slight_smile:

Welcome everyone and thank you troypoint community and all its lovely members.


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