Vpns knowledge and false positives

This is a great place to discuss vpns, yes its widely posted on here but now we can funnel the information into one spot.

Vpns are absolutely needed into today’s digital world. And I know alot are not sure what to do which to use that kind of thing.

One thing I can’t stress enough is that vpns fundamentally do the same thing.

You want your ip masked internet data traffic encrypted and protected while surfing/streaming. Below is your main focus

*Masked ip
*Encrypted internet traffic
*Easy to Use App for any streaming device
*Blazing Fast Download Speeds
*Compatible with Streaming Apps
*No traffic logs
*Great price
*Secure VPN Protocols
*Hundreds of servers located worldwide24/7 customer support
*30-day money back guarantee
*Simultaneous connection abilities

Best vpns for real debrid
All your VPN info here!

Now troypoint has a amazing discount for ipvanish and the one thing this has that others don’t is unlimited connections, this means you can hook it up to any device as much as you want while others are limited to 6-10

My personal recommendations are:


Again do your research and find what’s best for you and your budget, but these all do what’s recommended above. So at this point it’s up to convennce.

Feel free to chime in on anything vpn wise.

False Positives

People are starting to use better anti malware and anti virus like virus total and defsquid which is good, everyone should be scanning there apps, but one thing to remember is if you get a low low score but a flag of malware or virus with an app gotten from troypoint unlinked Google store or Amazon store its a false positive.

Watch for modded apks there is only a few I can recommend that are safe but they come from verified sites.

I’d stay away from modded apks as they are copy cat clones but with modded source code that will infected you and steal your info. Any apk can be modded to be bad, but not always. Sometimes the code used triggers flags as they can be used to malicious intent but isn’t. This is why you get low level flags.

Use virus total get the names of what it’s flagging Google it and make the choice to use it.

Verified apps
Payed apps
And anything supported on troypoint will be safe. If you get high level flags and alot do not use.

I hope this helps with safety and security for you, post here with questions or comments and I will help any way I can.

Nord users switch to open/TCP protocol to fix a bunch of issues please.


I’d like to add 2 top tier VPNs that didn’t make your list but are imho the best.




Just my personal recommendation from what I have used.

Thanks for adding to it!

Oh of course. I agree with all of them. I’ve personally used Cyberghost, Proton,Nord, IPVanish and ExpressVPN and settled on Express for it’s superior reconnection technology, protocol and speed. From all of these any one would serve a user well and then the choice is an individual one.



I appreciate it, I feel this will help others in there selection process.

Absolutely. There are many top notch vpns out there. Now it’s a matter of getting one, setting it up, and using it. IMHO a VPN is a must and if you have a large family or a ton of devices then IPVanish is absolutely the way to go and the best bang for the buck.


I have both proton and surfshark. I prefer surfshark. Never any real issues for me that couldnt be fixed. Proton is ok but with less servers and more expensive. I am a paid customer of proton because I use their email, calander, storage…occasional vpn.

I have been with surfshark since the beginning. Great tech support and overall service.


I’ve used NordVPN and IPvanish, both for about 3 years. I have a slight preference for IPvanish but what I don’t like is that after your initial subscription is up, they want you to pay FULL PRICE. The only way to get around this is with a different e-mail address (account). Not the end of the world but they make you jump through hoops for the privilege of using their product!


I too have used Proton and found that it performs well but their server net is small. I know they are adding more all the time but it’s painfully slow to do so. For now I’m waiting before paying and sticking with ExpressVPN as my main source of VPN service.

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Hi Miki!
Have you heard about HDTV ultimate1.6?
I used for about two but it stopped working properly. It has free VPN.
I enjoy free VPN but for last two weeks it became unstable.No idea why but It used to have global links and I could watch TV channels from any country in the world.
Now not anymore. I would like to have a friendly VPN to get those channels back.
Can you recomand a easy to install and useful VPN
I tried

Huge fan of Surfshark since they upgraded their servers. Easy to use, unlimited connections, good price and a great kill switch that works fantastic


Try Proton free. Limited server selection until you buy it, but at least you get a chance to try it out to see if it works for you to bypass geo blocking.

Stick with a well known peer reviewed vpn that goes through regular audits. Most vpns will mention this on their site. Personally ive never heard of HDTV vpn…but it could be legit but I dout it. As Miki said go with proton for a free choice. They have a good reputation and are growing. Surfshark mentioned above is what I use. Its a very nasty internet world and online security should be of up most importance.


I am not sure if this is where to post this but I am clicking on the IP Vanish ads on this page but when you get to their web site the price is different and there is no free month so you can try it out. My last three years with Nord are ending and I wanted to try IPVanish. Suggestions?

Miki I had a problem with Real-Debrid and Protonvpn. Real-Debrid blocked Protronvpn. Has anybody else had this issue?
IMG_0379 bo

I am sorry but the block could be for a number of reasons. If Proton is the paid version I doubt that’s the reason. I recommend contacting their help as it suggests and get the scoop. Sorry but I’ve never had that.

Free version was testing it out probably the reason

Hmmm Could be. Sorry I’m not much help, without knowing why they did that it’s nearly impossible.

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Check there approved vpn list. Proton is not whitelisted that’s why you got that.