IPTV Player Options

Looking into IPTV for the first time - seeing different options for IPTV players. Wondering if there’s a clear winner for someone just starting out. Thanx all.

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The general consensus here would be TiViMate Premium. Around $35/lifetime. It is highly configurable and with so many here using it, you should be able to get all your questions answered.


Thanx. Thinking initially would look at free options first than look into the payed versions at a later date.

The trouble is, while the free version allows you to add 1 playlist you can’t access all the configurations and use it as it should be used. It isn’t a real reflection of what you can do. Maybe try a month sub. You can trust us, the lifetime sub is worth every penny and more. Hopefully others will chime in to let you know.


Welcome to our community Brlmkr I would go with TiviMate


Alex, I’ll take Tivimate for $35.

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I agree with @Miki aTiviMate is the way to go. Fantastic player


Indeed we’ve done the leg work, just get the lifetime Tivimate. The best !


Tivimate for the win Alex

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Many IPTV subs come with their own player. I have used 2 and they have both worked very well. At least better than Smarters which is the first free one I tried. Have not used Tivimate, so can’t compare.

I have sparkle,smarters,and that one on the google play store can’t recall the name,it has several themes for it,but tivimate is always the one I open first.

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TiviMate premium hands down the best IPTV player

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Most Iptv services have 2 or 3 different iptv players for free that are easy to install and easy to use. Go ahead ond try them out before you pay for tivimate, they may work just fine for you, if not, then you can dive into tivimate.

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As you can see Tivimate is #1.
I also use: XCIPTV Player, IPTV Smarters Pro. They are Free
I find then easy to use.

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Most of the people here have been doing this a while. If you want a seedless experience that is most like a cable or satellite experience, the most customizable and easy to use, to with Tivimate Premium. I wish I had found it sooner. I have 11 different services, paid and free and have them combined into all one guide of favorites. I have custom groups I have made with channels from all different providers in one group. I have an adult group that has all of my favorite adult channels and a group that has my girlfriend’s daughters favorite channels when she comes to visit. I can quickly hide either one in 2 seconds. I can go through and hide all the channels and groups I don’t use, copy channels to other groups, edit names on channels and groups, lock groups. I just backed my stuff up at home last night and drove 3 hours and then installed it on my girlfriend’s firestick in less that a minute. All 11. How long would it take to type that in? I hit backup, saved to the cloud, copied to her device and restored. You can try a year for Tivimate or they offer a free trial for a week, I highly recommend it and I don’t think you will look back. It makes it a better overall experience. Listen to these people. I think it’s under $10 a year.


I’ve tried IPTV Smarters and XCIPTV free versions, but Tivmate is hands down the best.

no competition, tivimate is clear winner.

Really? No one linked my post?


Hey @Jayhawks659 he was just asking what everyone considers the best. Trust me I have your link in my TiViMate folder for anyone wanting to configure it . :face_with_spiral_eyes: :hugs: I send it to them pronto. :wink:

Tivimate for the win!