What is the best build to use

What is the best build to use for kodi now that the add-ons like the oath can no longer be added to kodi My oath add-on is still working for now🤞 I am not very good at technology so I need something simple that works fine Thanks in advance

@Wardylfc20 Hi

Well this is a list about the best working builds.
Those are tested by TP. In this manual scroll down to Table of Content section. Every build linked to it’s explanation. :sunglasses:
Kodi Best Builds


Kodi mega guide.

Seren crew with real debrid


Thanks i will have a look now

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I have tried lots of builds at the moment I find the Green Monster is one of the easiest to use with real debrid and one of the best I’ve used in a long time

@MarkxG swears by Grindhouse and says it’s well maintained. I don’t use builds, I did test it for a week, but it had to much in it for me.


Yes I’ve been using Grindhouse Builds for years. Good Team keeps everything updated

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I made my own build that is slimmed down for only movies and shows. And it only uses the crew to pull sources. There’s still a few bugs to work out for version 2.0 but I never have any issues finding sources or have any buffering.


I don’t use builds, i make my own consists of}}

ASGARD ( films ,sport)
OATH. (films ,tv shows
CREW ( iptv, Sport , movies, tv shows)
MAD TITAN ( sport, iptv)
NIGHTWING ( films ,tv shows)

I don’t have a real debrid account , and these play ok with a vpn.


I have crew but I’m not getting any links

Is it easy to set up as I’m not that good🤦‍♂️


Yes installed from https://team-crew.github.io

I don’t use it for movies or tv shows as there never is any descent links, i find Oath is far better, crew for me is for iptv and Sport , use a vpn it’s brilliant.

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That’s what I needed crew fir movies and TV shows but I ain’t getting any links I have oath for now but it’s not being updated anymore You cannot even reinstall it. I’m just going to have to find myself a decent build​:rage::rage:

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Oath works for me and is updated , i also use ASGARD and NIGHTWING for movies and tv shows.

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I will try add them to kodi when I get in Thanks

Crew is not working at all for me I think it’s because I haven’t got real-debrid. I need to try open a new bank account

You don’t need real debrid for Crew, just a vpn.


I have ipvanish I’m still not getting any links


No need to go that far. Just install Add That Source from dabutcher repo in program section.
After installing it lots of Repositories available to install. TP wrote manual how to instal
Add That Source Kodi add-ons

Wen installed Add That Source install one Repo at the time and restart kodi, then go to install from zip file> install from repository> programs> add that source.

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