TiViMate is NOT free

After spending time looking up the appropriate download link for the apk, and getting the incredibly cryptic link to Pluto I finally ran the app to see what all the excitement was about.

Well it is about upgrading to the premium version as almost nothing useful happens in the “free” version. What a complete disappointment.

Moving forward, does anyone have a clean, easy to type list of APKs? If not, let’s find a good place for them as it will avoid a lot of frustration.

Well, if you did some research tivimate does have a free version… but its also 25 or 30 bucks for a lifetime… So whats the issue here? There is other players for free you can use ands we list them on our website. take a look. You wont get a good modded copy btw.

Also this is posted up at the top.

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.


I don’t think anyone misled you. To get the premium version, we know it isn’t free. But it’s less than a night out at Olive Garden for a lifetime sub. Bargain doesn’t even begin to show how great of a deal that is for what the app does if you are into IPTV.


Correct, was not misled but the nonsubscription version is virtually usless. I just wanted to give it a test drive

Can’t disagree…not many features in the free version. But for as bad as the free is, the premium is that great.

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@TP-Dracoo no one does a search before posting. I really think there should be a “suggested reading” prompt based on keywords before people are allowed to post something new.


I agree with you, there is something i can look into but it would be up to the big guy to put into effect. Let me look into the insder featuers on this. I mean its going to happen regardless with websites with alot of people but i will look into it.

And that post you did has been pinned forever lol.


@charskys here is the direct link to the video.

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Thank you I will take a long look to see if it works for me.

I did search a bit, and it’s the enthusiasm that brought me to do the needful so that I could take a look. Please understand that at least for me, there’s a huge difference between reading and even watching a app and really using it. No matter how one tries, there’s nothing that matches hands on experience. So the start of this was perhaps just some venting on the level of usability of the free version and a less than simple install and setup. I have been a FireStick user almost exclusively but with Amazon’s clear path to closing off what was an open system I am looking to try out other solutions. Thank you all for your input, it really is encouraging to see so many folks willing to share their expertise and experiences.

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I agree @Jayhawks659 , but i think it should be more of a test, or some steps to take, where they have to actually do a search for their issue before they are allowed to post and ask for help…just saying… :man_shrugging:

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Tivimate premium is worth every penny to me.

Yes, please. Anything to stop the daily "I can’t get Live Sports or IPTV to work on (insert Addon) The Crew posts

The guys here talked me into getting Tivimate a couple of weeks ago. I figured $30 for a lifetime sub …you couldn’t go wrong. At first I thought what the heck is a m3u or Xtreme code? And why do I need this when I can us the provided IPTV interface? But it is now my total go-to in streaming. So many things you can do with it. To start with, I really no longer get buffering that the IPTV interface had in spades. And just last night, I had an NHL game, a college bb game, and a HS hockey game cued up. A great feature of Tivimate is clicking enter once and a list of recently watched channels shows up temporarily across the bottom of the screen; so was able to switch back and forth between the games with ease. That’s just one of the advantages of Tivimate. I also could have recorded the games to usb storage using Tivimate. I’m still learning, but wonder why I didn’t get this 5 years ago.

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Then you haven’t discovered multi-view mode yet! Get ready for your mind to be blown.

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I am naturally a skeptic…so I was a little hesitant in subbing to Tivimate Premium, but I do have to say that it is worth every dime.

If one absolutely refuses or cannot afford the money for Tivimate Premium, IPTVSmarters is more useful as a freebie than Tivimate’s free service…make that a lot more useful.

Yep, wow, just used “multi-view” and it’s spectacular. You can do a lot more things than picture in picture.

Got a question for ya, or anyone…can I uninstall my iptv platform now that I’m using its Xtreme codes in Tivimate? Or do I need it on my box to let Tivimate access it? Probably a dumb question since I entered the server location and codes in Tivimate…shouldn’t need it.

I assume you’re speaking of your IPTV service’s native player? If so…YES…uninstall away. Out of curiosity, what is their player…Smarters or XCIPTV?

I guess I don’t know how to answer that. I was using VLC on their platform. Their player is just listed as “Native Player”.

Anyway, by “platform”, I was referring to the entire thing. Where they have the menu with “Live TV”, “Movies”, “series”, settings, etc. And you get access to all their channels. The layout is similar to all the other iptv services I had. Wait, I remember looking at Smarters once and this layout seems very similar to that.

But on second thought, I guess there is no reason to get rid of it since have plenty of storage and it might be a good backup if Tivimate goes down for some unfathomable reason. Could always move it to the usb if I’m not using it.

Copy…I figured the Smarters player…its probably the most used…as it is simple…but not very “organizeable”…if that’s a word. Keeping it in storage or dumping it…either way you’re just: adding your credentials away from having it set up again…as long as you don’t delete your iptv account/credentials email.

Only other thing I can suggest is: backup your Tivimate settings once or twice a month & try to keep a copy or two in your file manager…just in case something goes south on ya. Uninstalling/Reinstalling the Tivimate player is easy…setting it up the way you want it can be “priceless”…if ya know what I mean :cowboy_hat_face:

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