The Best M3U File Playlists for Live Streams on Firestick, Android & More

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The following tutorial will provide you with the Best M3U File Playlists and show you how to install them on any device. Using an M3U File Playlist is a fabulous way to stream live television for free. There are thousands of M3U Files available that will provide you with access to tons of streaming options.…


Is there a working epg for the US playlist? The epg’s listed in the download are not working.


Hello @Powerfader yeah, unfortunately that’s a problem with these free lists. I’m sure there is a way to map these to an EPG service but I haven’t gone down that path yet.


I can get about 60%-70% of the guide, but there really is no epg that works. Even the one on github that goes with this playlist doesn’t work. That epg generates about 10%. I am learning how to make my own using m3u4u, but it is slow going for me. Also, there is a pay site that will generate an epg for your specific epg and they say will maintain it, but they charge more than what I could get an iptv service for.

Thanks anyway…


Hi Guys
I have used downloader app to get m3u file lists but when I click on globel for example it wont download. Any ideas why this i happening.
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I am having the same problem. I am running stock android box, already have downloader and troypoint, but when I click on a selection in the m3u list nothing happens, it won’t dl…


Hello @Ceckstein I would suggest trying to download it through a regular browser on stock Android such as Chrome and see if that works. There may be something not working properly on those stock Android devices with the Downloader browser. I bet you can download it through Google Chrome. Please report back if that works. Thanks!


Hi @TROYPOINT, not to sound stupid so sorry if I do. But are you saying to delete my downloader app and the troypoint app and reinstall them from chrome? I’m confused… are there different versions or something?
I already have both apps and I downloaded smarters from the advice on your video. But when I go to the M3U list page on Troypoint and click on one from the list nothing happens. Not sure if I explained it correctly the first time. Thanks again for your help


Hello Everyone, it seems that there is now a problem with Downloader downloading M3U files on Android TV devices such as NVIDIA Shield. I will try to come up with a solution to this and will post back here. You can always download the M3U files to a USB drive and then plug that into your Android TV device and point to that when importing M3U.


I just wanted to make a quick comment. This seems to be more of a issue with andriod tv 11.

You can bypass by using a USB stick. It has come up before.

That’s android tv 11. I think moving forward it might be better to use Downloader with a storage device like a USB and side load that way.


I found that when I browsed for the m3u file in the downloader folder and clicked on it the file name was not inserted in the field when I returned. I got round this by typing in the name myself, and then it worked ok. I am in a 4k, not a max


Thanks for the advise guys I have shield pro and Mecool KM6 both full android so I’ll try usb stick.

I got this on my Firestick. I got round it by typing the name in the box - eg global. It worked then

I have created shortcodes for each M3U file available. This will allow you to bypass using Downloader altogether. I created a video that shows how to do this and you will find that along with new shortcodes on updated page here - The Best M3U File Playlists for Live Streams on Firestick, Android & More



Awesome job, thank you.


How did you get 60-70% of the guide? Is there a link?

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I have a dozen or so epg’s and I assigned all of them to all my playlists. Using Tivimate I can mix and match all I want.

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thats what I did. Just simply enabled epg from others (actually all).


Copy link and paste it. If you can’t paste it. Then copy the link and paste it in word, or anywhere. Then the actual github link will appear. Then type in that link into the URL. Just remember, when you download global you will get every country on the planet that you probably don’t want and it is just taking up wasted space. Also, it takes longer to update the playlist. You can pick and choose the countries that you want. I chose US, UK, CA. To do so you will have to go to the github group that sponsors this freebie. If you go there just click on playlist by country and then pick the ones you want.


Thanks. Will do. Appreciate the quick response.

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