The Best M3U File Playlists for Live Streams on Firestick, Android & More

The only problem is since the time change a lot of my epg’s are in a wrong time zone. I have one that is -4 hours time offset. When you mix them then you may not be able to just do a time offset for the entire playlist.

When you use paid services they will do that, but these freebies can come from anywhere in the world.

m3u4u. Some of it can be automatically done, but most of it would involve a manual tedious process.


I tried using the shortcode to install the m3u file on my Nvidea box, but after entering the url code and clicking on add user, I get a message that the url code is invalid. I tried numerous times and still recieve the error message. I deleted IPTV Smart Pro and reinstalled using the rapid app installer and still no luck.

Try this url:

These are the epg’s that go along with the playlist url. The numbers are how many channels each one includes.


Thanks, tried it on tvmate, but those links didn’t get me the epg.

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I found the same experience. So what I did was incorporate any and all epg’s I have installed and assigned all of them to every playlist I have. That is when I got most of my playlists populated with a guide. Although NO complete. It is better than nothing! Also, using Tivimate you can assign individual channels to a specific epg. This process is tedious, but it does help in generating more guides for some channels. Even on my pd services I use other epg’s that are from other sources paid or otherwise.

I keep checking github for more free epg sources a few times a week. just keep in mind, an epg needs to be monitored and updated regularly, and that is why most of the free ones don’t work. It takes some work and time to keep them current and running.

What I do with the free iptv urls is save all channels that have an epg present to my favorites. Then I periodically check the channels in the “All Playlist” to see if anymore channels show an epg then save them.

Tbh, most people only watch a few dozen or so channels on a regular basis. There really is no need to have, or search for, an epg for a channel I don’t watch.

I would say right now I have about 100-150 channels in each of my 12 playlists and have over 95% of the epg’s populated for each one. That’s over 1,500 active channels in my favorites all with an epg.

My suggestion is to get acquainted with github, and do Google searches for free epg’s and playlists.

Btw, although I do not recommend, there are paid services that will supply you with an epg specifically for your playlist. They start at around $3 bucks a month.

Here’s the github page where those playlists and epg’s came from. The code/url states the epg’s are embedded in the playlist url, but if the short code does not work. Then always try the long urls and separate epg’s.


Check out this page. I just added a bunch of playlist urls with corresponding epg urls. So far the epg’s are working.


This lonk seems broken

Is the list gone?

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Hello @emailgreg99 we had to move it to a private page. Here you go - Get Thousands of Free Live Channels - TROYPOINT: Tech Tutorials On Firestick, Kodi, Android TV Box, VPN, IPTV, Streaming, & More


link is no good? can you repost


The comment right above you is still good, that link is on a private page but works for insiders.

Works for me.


Is it different for iPhone IOS? I tried doing it on an iPhone and the IPTV smarters app wants a user name and password.



What your doing is extreme login, select m3u and copy and paste the code in there.

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It doesn’t give any options for anything else. When opening the iPhone app it goes direct to the screen with a login and password.