Syncler info please read

Hello again, I just wanted to give you some heads up on syncler.

If you are in the app and it’s telling you to install packages but they are already installed that’s not you the system is down

If you back out and reload syncler and get failed to install null error code 2 or however its displayed and can’t get in then Syncler is down. If you also get a error saying no sources, back out and search again they will reload, this happens off and on.

You will get this error if your internet is down
You will get this error if you need a update.

So check those first. If still the error syncler has a sub reddit and you can check status there.

Uninstalling and reinstalling won’t work if syncler is down so before you do make sure to check all that other wise you will have to do it all over.

This error isn’t covered and I wanted to make sure everyone using who pays is aware of what it means. As in there is only 3 times this error will come up.

Thank you to everyone! I hope you continue to enjoy syncler.

Buying keys

You can buy multiple keys they don’t start until they are in syncler. As soon as your key expires your put the new one in and then your count down starts. They only start to expire from when you put keys in syncler not from date of purchase. So you can key stack.


Yes I can’t connect to their website either.


Welcome to our community!

It is back up now. If you get it again, refer to this pinned topic and check the reddit forums.

Any other time this happens it needs a update or you internet is down or having issues.

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Is Syncler down? I paid to renew early and can’t put in my key code. It says my subscription doesn’t expire until December 19 2021. But on the Syncler site it says expired. Not getting any premium links and as I said can’t put in new link. It only says COPY. No way to contact them.


No it’s not down.

Your key is good till it expires then you buy a new one.

You can only put a new one in when that one expires. It’s a little annoying but it’s how to log in the code. It’s running off that key.

You can kill the app clear the data completely and you will be able to put your key in, use the new one.

But nothing saves and you will have to redo everything.

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Thanks for the information. I’ll get back to you on or after December 19th if it doesn’t clear. I probably won’t clear the app it’s to complicated. I hope you have a was to let them your customers are unhappy with this problem. They are accepting my money but I’m not getting what I’m paying for.
Thank You


I don’t work for syncler. I didn’t even know this was a thing until I saw someone post it on reddit as I was about to do a early upgrade.

If there is a way around I will post here. There may be, but I have not gotten around to it. I suggest you go to their support or on reddit and bring this to their attention as there very well could be something I’m missing, and if I am i will update this topic on subscriptions.

In the mean time until such info comes in only pay the day before or after it expires.

Sorry about that.

I will be sure to add this info In this topic after se research as been done incase I’m wrong.

I’m a customer my self, but it’s an highly recommend apk so this is why I made this topic to cover errors. This info I will add too.

Edit: your key that you bought stays inactive until your current one expires. As soon as you put a new key in it starts thr expire process. This allows you to stack keys.