Safe Kodi Help Please

Hi all, need some help here. I’ve heard good things about safe Kodi. However, I am unable to install it in Kodi, it keeps failing. Any recommendations?

You need to give us more info.

Kodi mega guide.


Thank you. I always follow his guides but for some reason, that one won’t install lol

What is safe Kodi?.. Safe Mode?

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What is safe Kodi??
Can you be more specific…

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Hey there, so safe Kodi is an Addon. In essence an antivirus for add ons. I try to install it and get this message “the dependency on xbmc.python could not be satisfied” it’s the only add on I’ve ever had trouble with lol.

Ok that error usually shows when you are using an older version of Kodi, or the addons isn’t compatible with the latest version.

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Funny thing is, I’m using nexus. I even downloaded the zip file from safe Kodi web site. Only thing I can think of is they didn’t update the repo.

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