Please Create Descriptive and Concise Topic Titles

Hello Everyone!

As our awesome community grows there is one big item that sticks out to me that could make a positive impact for everyone.

We always push people to search for their existing topic before posting a new one as many times their subject has already been discussed.

The problem is that many of the Topic Titles aren’t very accurate, therefore they don’t show up properly in search.

If we can all create more accurate Topic Titles with the proper keywords and subject matter, it’s going to help everyone.


Let’s assume that you’re having problems with upload speeds on a Chromecast with Google TV after an update.

Rather than posting this Topic Title for your issue…

“Problems with Chromecast”

It would better serve our community if it was posted as…

“Chromecast with Google TV Slow Upload Speeds After Update”

We don’t want long run-on Topic Titles but it will help to provide the important keywords and the subject for what the topic is about. Of course, as concise as possible.

Your help with this matter will drastically help those who are searching for their subject prior to posting a new Topic.

Thank you all for your help with this!!



On top of that, i have noticed people who dont use our search tend to have all these topics but they are literally the same as 50 other topics with the same solution. I have closed many of these and i have been a little more aggressive with it because its a very popular conversation with the same end result.

Please use our solutions system when a problem is resloved. That way people can see the search results with the soultion outcomes of what worked for them this will also come up when the same topic or different topic with the same issue comes up. This really helps the database when looking for answeres. From now on if this happens i will close with the response to “please see our search for this particular issue as its been solved by our community”


Tags, tags, TAGS, TaGs :thinking:

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I have talked about this i think in my last topic. @TXRon i appreciate you bringing it up it could be useful.

Tags are searchable is my point and easy to implement…2cents deposited :upside_down_face:

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Yes they are, so is most stuff with a solution. If i typed in for example cinemahd it will list at least 70+ different search results inculding ones with solutions. I think the point is if we had better descriptions we could enhance our search to properly show the problem thus resulting into not needing tags.

But thats up to admin, taging is a admin controlled implementation.


Hello @TXRon @TP-Dracoo I have just enabled the tags feature. Per @TP-Dracoo request, today I will also be adding a plugin that requires all new users to heart the Forum Rules and Regs prior to posting. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’m always open to ideas!


Cool, I believe tags will take some time but in a month or so we will see results. :+1:


I am also going to create a video for those who are new as well giving them a run-down of how things work and how to do things. Thanks again.


Thanks troy! Thats awesome. I will help with the tags part as well, @TXRon and a few others agree with tags and i do as well. So this is great news! And a new comer video is also very cool, id attach that to the rules part when people have to read it they can also watch the video to help them navigate the insder.

Awesome stuff and thanks for the hard work. My computer is up and running so if you need video help or editing let me know.


Ive noticed default search is set to “topics-Post” and under that is catagories-tags. Is it possible to get a “Topics-Post-Tags” setting? or is that not avail?

edit: It looks like maybe the tags are being picked up in general search. If so all is well and no changes needed.

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You can also find all of the tags on this page here. TROYPOINT Insider I will work on the nav menu on this page to make some things easier as well.


Perfect, i will start editing topics to create tags, most importantly my pinned guides will have tags too.

Edit, i setup tags for the pinned guides and topics. You are allowed a limit of 5 per topic and you should see an updated list. Overtime i will work on this more. Please keep me poste if tags need to be edited or fixed.


Thanks for closing out and cleaning up these redundant topic posts. I have seen this problem particularly from “newbies” to Troypoint Insider. This is no doubt the result of a growing audience.


I think that’s a great idea.

Thanks dracoo I think the tags are working out great saves time. Great job as always :+1: :v::grin:

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Not a problem. Thanks to everyone who suggested it. Please inform me on other tags. Also, all regular level users can rename topics titles and add tags from the master list. Please inform me if i need to add any to the master list

Edit: Burger stack> tags you well see them all there, you can also click on them and everything that has that tag it will pull up.

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Hi Troy, do you or anyone on this site know how to record IPTV using tivimate on a onn streaming box? I’m using a USB and a OTG cable. I can do it on a firestick but haven’t found a way to do it using the onn box. Thanks!