Real-Debrid with Kodi builds

If I install a Kodi build, can I still use Real-Debrid? If so, how?


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Builds with kodi do sync with realdebrid just have to make sure they have a account authentication installed with it.

Troypoint has guides for every build along with real debrid.

Build mega list.

Real debird is in there.

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Thank you! I found it. I’m such a novice but can do anything with Troypoint videos!

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I was not able to find real debrid. How do I install RealDebrid on Kodi. I have paid subscription to RealDebrid. Thanks.

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Look here.

Real debrid is added to your build or addon by authorization within the build or add.

This topic as all that info. Each build or addon you use has to be authorized with real debird.

Once it’s done trust me it’s a world of difference.


I have went through all the steps Mega resources guide for kodi and cannot find how to install real debrid.
I get to step 5. Within the Universal Resolvers menu on the left, scroll down and select (Re)Authorize My Account under Real-Debrid. It does not give the option for Real-Debrid. Instead it reads AllDebrid and further down No RealDebrid. How do install real debrid in kodi? Thanks


That’s the wrong one, Go into your add on settings and look for Real Debrid authorize. There is more than one service.

Which kodi build are you using?

Hi @hammer
Keep scrolling down a little further. It should be there on that page.

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Went to add on settings and Real Debrid is not there. Kodi Build v18.6

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I scrolled down further, and sure enough it is there. I was able to complete the process. Thanks so much


Maybe I was wrong. I cannot locate Real Debrid in my add ons, or any other place. Where in Kodi might it be hiding? Thanks


You are not following the guides outlining this issue.

Which addons are you using? (Builds or addons)

I can tell you for a fact that the real debrid stuff is in your add on settings. It’s outlined in most guides with addons that use or require a debrid service and the setup is practically the same.

I don’t know how we can explain it differently to you. Do you have a active subscription to rd service.

Seren and the crew both have guides showing how to add. It’s in my topic.

Builds that use or integrate rd are also there. If you tell me what you are using I will point it out for you.

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Using addons. Yes, I have an active subscription to rd service.

Hi @hammer
Kindly share the add-on you are having a challenge with.

Real Debrid is what I am having issues with

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You are not having issues with real debrid.

You are having issues getting it setup to your addons.

I don’t know why you won’t tell us which addons you are using or builds. (Not your current kodi patch)

But without this info I can’t help you. The guides are there with full rd support. They fully outline how to get your rd integrated with kodi.

Good luck and enjoy. :slight_smile:

Using Crew as the only addon. New to Kodi.

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It’s described here. Complete walk through. Which is in my mega guide topic.

Which is mentioned above. I fully understand being new to kodi. I’m not at all trying to be rude with you.

I apologize if it was taken as such. But please read through everything as it’s all available. Take your time with it be patient. It does work.

Also when you make changes in any of these setting you MUST HIT OKAY ON THE RIGHT SIDE.

Or it won’t save. I have done this many times on accident. Also while in those settings ENABLE real debrid turn it on hit okay go back and sync your account.

Edit. Accidentally deleted my comment sorry for double post.

Thanks, I’ll give it another try. I’ve been using Cinema and have no problems with real-debrid. Just wanted to try another service. Many users have switched from Cinema to Kodi. I did not have the impression you were being rude. Thanks for being patient.



It’s not a problem, I want you to learn and use everything troy has available.

Some things are easier than others. Just take your time with it.

If cinema is working for you that’s awesome. Report back if needed.