How use Crew Wizard on the FEN addon, or any other Kodi streaming addon?

I read an Insider note that Crew Wizard can be used on all addons to Clear Cache. How does one do this?

Kodi mega guide.


You mean the EZ Maintenance add-on?


I don’t think so. I thought I read that Crew Wizard works with all Kodi video addons.

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Use the above from Papa :v:

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How do you use it? Does the Crew Wizard addon work with all of your installed video addons without somehow assigning it the a specific addon?


Yes it does work for all addons. I have mine set up like Troy shows in the above post for the advanced settings part. I also have these settings to clear cache on all video addons.

Great! TY. Do you know if Crew can mark TV episodes as “Watched”?

With Trakt. (post must be 20 characters)

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I have Trakt activated in Crew. I wanted a movie and it would not mark as “Watched”. How do you do that?

I’m not at my box, but I think I had to scroll the show clear to the end before it would put a green checkmark beside that episode. Maybe you are backing out of it before it finishes? Someone else may know if there is a better way, I dont use Kodi consistently for shows or movies.