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FEN was recently taken down. There were indications from the developer that it was going to be discontinued soon anyway.

But I had it setup perfectly for what I needed! Now I need to find an alternative.

Due to flaky internet in my condo building and a finicky technophobe wife, I have taken to downloading the content we are planning to watch and then either keep it or delete it afterwards.

So with Fen, I found the RD results were delivered exactly how I needed them with the right amount of description to determine what kind of file I wanted. I would then long press the appropriate file and select download. Then I would check to see if subtitles were included (another happy wife/happy life requirement) and if not download those as well. And for TV shows, I could long press those saying “Pack” and download all the episodes at once.

So since Fen went away, I have tried The Oath (which is going away soon as well I understand) and it kind of works for individual files but not for season packs. Seren doesn’t seem to have an option to download. And The Crew keeps finding content that doesn’t even match what I’m looking for.

So, any thoughts on an alternative? I have a Syncler+ subscription but downloading in that is somewhat of a challenge and even more cumbersome when subtitles are involved. I’ve heard about Stremio (thanks @Miki ) but I’m not sure how that handles downloads.

Any ideas or advice are gratefully accepted. Thanks all.


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I never use Stremio to download as all VOD content is available whenever you want. You need a 3rd party app. (https://www.juststream.io/download-movies-from-stremio/) Not sure if you want to download entire years worth of TV series or what you are trying to download. I load all my series into my library and all seasons are available for me to watch without downloading. You can have subtitles run for everything in the settings. I have mine turned off. You can’t schedule downloads or recordings in Stremio.


Kodi mega guide.

List gets updated!

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.


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@MGB123 . Try, Nightwing,The Crew, Patriot and Seren. No particular order of preference.

@MGB123 Hi

There are plenty of alternative add-ons. The link provided by @TP-Dracoo is the latest working add-ons even better than Fen add-ons, here is the link to the Best add-ons from TP.
Best Kodi Add-ons

Seren for Kodi, Stremio otherwise. It’s easy to download content on stremio , especially if you have it installed on your PC. Use RD for both. Stremio is easier to set up on a PC than a firestick

Oh, and use a VPN!


I agree with @Miki its now less likely that you would need to download anything because most content is available to stream directly via VOD with most services. The only downloads I do are things you want to keep forever as you cant guarantee they wont disappear off servers etc when providers update with new content and get rid of older stuff.


Seren does support downloading but needs to be set up.

When you open Seren click on “Tools”
Then scroll down to “Open Settings Menu” and click.
Scroll across the top of settings menu to “Downloads” and click.
Scroll to “Select Download Location” and click.
Choose where you want to store the down load.
Scroll down and click “Ok”
Youre good to go.

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