X88 Pro 10 Android TV Box

Hi I’m considering purchase of the X88 Pro 10 Android TV Box. I’ve come across mixed reviews…some even say that Netflix isnt “approved” for this product. I need to know please that this box functions for both Kodi and Netflix without a problem…that’s my minimal requirement….I don’t need 4K. Somebody ….preferably someone who has this thing up and running, can you help me out here please? Obliged for any help, hints etc

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If you want Netflix you will need a netflix certified device. That one isnt.

I wouldn’t get it.

Shield pro
Fire cube
Mecool km2

All netflix certified and all run kodi. I meant you won’t get hd netflix but it will run.


I have an x88 pro.
The remote has both Netflix and Youtube buttons.
You should read specs carefully.

I also have both Kodi 19.4 and the Nodi fork working as well.

My x88 has 64 gigs of storage.
I have a T 95 with 32 gigs.

If not saving movies on your device I would suggest 32.

My only wish is that I would like more USB ports .
Mouse and Keyboard and USB storage keep me unplugging and replugging things .

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Mixed reviews does not sound good. Many of the numerous cheap China made devices are lacking in quality hardware, customer service,and updates for their devices. What you should look for is a box running stock android 9 or higher with 4 Gbs of RAM, 32 gbs or higher of internal memory and good heat management/ventilation to prevent overheating, which can eventually cook your processor (and device). The downside to Amazon Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Apple TV, Roku and other well known devices is that they run on proprietary systems, have a lot of Homescreen bloatware/advertising, have limited internal memory, and limited access to apps you may want or need. That being said, most stock android devices, while allowing more freedom to download applications, do not have licensing for Netflix or other premium services to run images in anything other than 480p. But, the way around this is to load any premium tv service app. (Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu, etc.) off your smart tv’s App Store. That way you will get your premium service in high definition. You may want to look at Troypoint’s review of the Ugoos and Buzz TV boxes if you are interested in quality alternatives to Nvidia Shield and Amazon devices. Hope this helps.


Hi apoclines could I ask you please how you installed Kodi. I’ve just come across a n installation method that uses the Calculator app…KODI download X88 Pro 10 Android Tv Box | APKinTVBox
Is this for real? I haven’t actually bought this thing yet, considering…


Kodi mega guide.

This will show you how to install kodi on that box, its not different than any other android

Thank you for such a fast reply, you guys are a great help

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I am no expert . There are many people in the forum with much more stuff.

I have downloaded different ways.

  1. Through troypoint rai app
  2. Using google search for kodi.tv

I have used Kodi with a build and without . It comes to user preference .Depends on what you wanna use Kodi for.

Glad to share my limited experience . BUT this site has so much info , just gotta search for things and if U do not see what you are looking 4 , just ask .

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This device has a 3.5mm av output. On trying to record sound I found that the audio output here is mono! Has anybody any experience with this device please? The other output is spdf…I only have normal line-in on my pc, so I think I need some sort of digital to analog converter. Anybody?