Where is real debrid on the crew

I went into the crew to set up real debrid, however could not find it in the new kodi 19.4 update. The crew listed them all, except real debrid.


Real debrid is something you pay for and add to the crew.

Kodi mega guide.

The guides in there show you how to do this.

Thanks for the additional information. I did follow the instruction: I download kodi 19, .4, I downloaded the crew. I went into the crew tools. I looked for real debrid. Every debrid was in this section except real debrid. (Alldebrid, Debrid-link.fr, Linksnappy,Megadebrid and Premiumize.me ).
I have a paid subscription with Realdebrid.


Scroll down, its there.

Open the Crew. Scroll to tools and open. Scroll to Resolvurl and open. Find univeral resolvers
2. There you will find Real-Debrid.


Ok, it was under universal resolvers 2. I was only looking at and scrolling in universal resolvers 1.
Thanks :blush:

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