Trying to understand kodi builds

I installed the superman build on my firestick. Looks great, so much content. But I’m trying to understand something.

There are numerous sources for movies ie, FEN, the Crew, etc. When a person clicks on the main “movie” link on the home page, which of the available services does it use to pull the movie?

Does it pull the movies from all the sources and list them all? Can you set up which service the main movie link gets movies from. I guess the same applies to the main TV link.

No complaints, just trying to understand a bit better. Big learning curve for an old person like me lol.

On a side note, the instructions for setting up a fork etc were perfect! I seriously can’t believe how good the instructions and video from Troy are.

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Kodi mega guide.

Please read this

Before you post or ask about IPTV, Free links or any of that info without a RD account you need to use our search function as this info is HIGLY talked about with tons of info. Bottom line is if you want to use kodi and get free links or streams without using RD it wont happen or work well, they come and go. The best option to use kodi is to pair it with Real Debrid which is covered below.

Use the search

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Well, I have an RD account, guess I don’t see how that really matters, this isn’t about iptv or free links


I got a bad feed one time using stremio. So I went to a different feed and I’d be darn if the feed is start exactly the same place the player was from the previous feed so it sounds like me they all come from the same place.

So, the movies or shows you click on are basically just from an index. You’re identifying what you want to watch, but then you have to choose what you want to use to search for it. Different addons scrape different sources if you’re looking for free stuff (but you won’t find a lot). If you use Real Debrid then all of the addons are going to search the same exact sources. The only difference is what the search results “look like” when you get the list. For example, Seren will identify Dolby Vision files but The Crew does not.

If you only use Kodi for movies and shows and you have a real debrid account then I really don’t think it’s worth it to have a build. A build is basically just multiple addons, a skin, custom backgrounds, widgets, and shortcuts. You can do all that yourself if you want to learn how.

When you click on the Main Movie or TV link whatever Addon the Dev chose for that will pull the sources. I never use that I just go to my favorites and choose whatever Addons are working good.

Thank you, that makes total sense. I do have a Real Debrid account and I mostly only do movies and TV, so I think I will remove the build and experiment with some skins.

I appreciate the help, sincerely