Trouble installing real debrid

Hi. I purchased 180 days so i don’t have to go through all this again…i followed directions as to how to install on the crew…i cant get it…i have to step away…i registered it on real debrid… But am still getting no stream available… Thanks in advance

Which Kodi addon are you using? Also depending on the program it may not be available.

Cre the crew is the only afdon I have on it

Kodi mega guide.

The crew build is in there and how to setup with real debrid

Thank you…i had done everything,I thought but it worked this time so must have done something wrong! I’ll try my other firestick in a bit!! You all are just great.

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The littest mistake even tiny can lead to errors. All good, hope its resolved.

Have you tried restarting your device? Worked for me.

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All was good for awhile, now we are back to no streams available on crew… Even with RD. I keep going through the instructions but not sure where i am going wrong. Restarted, etc.


Check your real debrid subscription, make sure its not up.

I just renewed it yesterday…

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Login with and look at the box at the top with your username. It should say how many days you have remaining.

If it says expired then you weren’t successful in your purchase.

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Then go to my devices and click add device. It will bring up a box asking for the code. If you entered the correct menu in the crew this is where you get the code. Make sure you are under real debrid, not all debrid or any of the other megahoster sections.


Make sure you go to settings in the crew addon. Go to ResolveURL settings. Make sure you have real debrid enabled and everything else disabled. Pay attention to the section headings.

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In my cas I’m using Kodi TV box 19.4.
Are you using VPN?.
If yes go to system settings,
Add-ons > Manage dependencies
Click on ResolverURL > configure
Universal Resolver > Real-debrid than (Re)Authorize My Account, you will receive the code, enter the code to your Real-debrid account includes the device you’re using than restart Kodi from the restart button next to the wheel. In my case I restarted my device but didn’t work for me but when I restarted Kodi from inside it worked for me. I used the same docu from troypoint. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

That’s a good point. Make sure your VPN is off when you sign up for real debrid. Your account is linked to your IP address. However, when authorizing your account it shouldn’t matter what network you are connected to.


Yes indeed, in my older Kodi version didn’t work without deactivate VPN. But for me Kodi 19.4 I had no problem with it.

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