Tivvimate new to this

not sure that this is right but here goes a lot of people on here know what they are doing me at the young age of 62 I don’t I have just this last week have installed itv mate to get channels in it you have to input urls I don’t know what urls are or we’re to get them for local free English TV channels can anyone help please and can someone explain what a m3u is thanks Joe


Hey man, lots of guides for tivimate.

Check this out: Video setup.

Now an m3u is a code your provider gives you and you enter it the add Playlist section.

Watch that video.


Thank you very much for your reply that’s great but i don’t have a provider I thought the free or local TV came with it


Tivimate is a iptv player does not come with iptv.

Need a provider.

There are some free sources out there but they are only going to give you legally available channels. Pluto TV is one of the best for that. You can search this forum and find a lot of things.

Can you add OLA TV to it? Hundreds of servers with thousands of channels, all free. Just wondering. May be time for me to take the plunge into a paid IPTV service

Do you have the M3U URL for OLA TV?

@Powerfader Once you pass along your MAC address to them they will load it

Thanks, but I was looking for a way to put it on Tivimate.

I did download the multiple apps to check it out. I thought the streams were of good quality, but the navigation is not all that good. I guess if I didn’t have other avenues that are more convenient then I would probably use this along with other free services. As it is, I have already uninstalled the 3 apps. I just really wanted to check it out.

btw, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who requires a FREE source!

It really isn’t difficult and there are thousands of excellent quality links. It takes effort, that I will admit. I spent over 30 hrs in one week kicking the tires and tuning the engine. Now I know all the little quirks I have dozens of my favorite channels loaded into KShaw and watch them every day without buffering. If one server dies, I know others to get my channels. Just this week alone 21 new servers came on line. I’ve pretty much learned how to recognize if a server will be any good for U.S. content the moment I open it, so that speeds things up. Joy of joys IT’S FREE. Just so ya know, free is my favorite word. I’ve been at this for over 30 years, so I’ve learned to be a tad patient when it comes to learning this electronic stuff. Hell, at one time I knew how to code my rooms so I had “God” designation. You can imagine what that was for. Ola TV isn’t for everyone and for that I’m grateful, less ppl jamming up the servers.


Yeah, I have quite a few apps very similar to OLA TV. I think the feeds are very good and I am certain with a little time and effort I could consolidate what I want into an easier to navigate format, Although like I said, I already have a bunch that serve me well.

What I am looking to do since I discovered Tivimate is to make that my one stop shop. After checking out OLA I don’t think their format is compatible with Tivimate.

With Tivimate I can make a master favorites and it will automatically jump to whatever URL I have loaded. Right now I have about 10 M3U’s on there. That’s 100’s of channels just in my favorites and several 1,000 more English channels to make separate folders for occasional viewing. Of course I wouldn’t have all of those channels in folders. I would hide most of them and only keep the ones that I may watch. Then I have at a tap on the remote1,000 more of VOD movies and tv shows, plus 100’s and 100’s more of 24/7. Also, I can record (even series) and have access to catchup all in one place with just a click on my remote, without ever leaving the Tivimate app. Btw, all this only cost me about $16 bucks a month for 2 paid services. All the others are free!

But don’t get me wrong. I think the OLA app is good. I just don’t really have a need for it at this time.

You are our very own tivi guru. I agree with you regarding Ola. It isn’t for everyone and paid services you don’t have to hunt for channels. It’s easy. I rather suspect I’m becomig bored with Ola and may turn to a paid IPTV and learn Tivimate. But for now I’m going to tread water and see where all this ACE garbage is going. Have a great night Power. C U tomorrow.

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say it sounds like you understand all this url and urlm3p stuff?? i’m new to this stuff can you help me?? i just bought the tivimate for life and managed to get my device activated from there on i’m lost all this url stuff don’t know where to find it can go step by step and help me set up tivimate realy need HELP Thanks if you like email me so it don;t take up all the space at palisadeshows@gmail.com


Welcome to our community, I’d suggest looking around the site.

Setup guide.

And watch this.


What :point_up_2::point_up_2:they said. Welcome!

I am the same as you but if you scroll down you will find some urls to get you going there is some great help on hear

If you need help just ask. The people on here are not judgmental and have great advice and experiences. If you need help understanding Tivimate and navigating around it. Then don’t be afraid to ask. I just discovered Tivimate myself and am blown away with all the features and stuff you can do on it!

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Exactly. Don’t be shy. People are here to help. I’m so blown away by TiviMate that I’m getting ready to put it onto a third tv

I have tivimate on my Android phone. Even though it said it’s optimized for tv it works great on the phone too. Paying for premium is a must if you want to get the best out of it

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with the free version of tivimate I do not have an epg. Should I have an epg?