The best kodi builds for my amazon firestick

I have the latest kodi build but not sure what apps i should put on it

Hi @jimennis042577
Give Seren and the Crew a look.

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Seren and The Crew are definitely a cpl of the best addons for sure! Seren has to have an RD account to work properly, I believe, but is DEFINITELY a great option to have anyways with all the different scrapers that are out there it sorts thru the best of the best links there are for you!! Also another great invention/investment to have is a Trakt account as it’ll keep track of what ur watching for you so that u don’t have to keep digging thru tons of different shows, episodes, seasons, etc etc to get to where u were/are!!

I have also added a small build to my FS4K, it is not recommended to install a build on a FStick as it doesn’t really have the RAM capability to keep up with it and it is recommended to just use a few addons to a Kodi build but this is a small build with some nice addons, IMHO, and my FS4K runs it very nicely!! :grin: :ok_hand:t3: It takes roughly a min or so to load up, so be patient, as it “freshens” up ur setup with each boot up!!

How to Install Green Monster Kodi Build

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Kodi mega guide.


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