Syncler Crashes constantly-unwatchable

Finally installed the last update that had come out about 6 weeks ago. Now it crashes constantly. Takes 10-12 tries to get it to work. Sometimes have to reboot the box to clear it up for a short time. Coming time to renew and debating whether to do it. If I pay them good money, I’d really like it to work. Had this problem on more limited scale before update. Now it’s useless. Any suggestions? Thanks!

More info. Running Premium and RD is installed.

Just tried mine and no links at all they must be down/having issues check again later and on social media before I start deleting or doing anything else :v::grin:

These outages are ramping up and expected to stay that way. Ive been seeing it across the board from iptv services disappearing, sometimes re-appearing somewhere else and the apk’s out there are making lots of changes and fast. In general there is no notification of this so best to just stay tuned to sources for info.

Sources or no links shouldnt cause crashing. What are you using this app on?

Syncler is working.

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Others are talking about no links or sources – not me. It sometimes just spins its wheels and never finds sources (and doesn’t say failed -just sits there). Other times, kicks out to home android screen. When it does find links, cannot connect to them. Basically, every phase of Syncler operation is failing. If I try 10-12 times it will sometimes connect. Using Android generic box,

Same here, no links again like a couple of weeks ago. So sad, I love this app!

It could be synclers actual scrapper conflicting with rd. Recently real debrid had put in new secuirty checks into api based applications, the dev may not have updated. Or syncler is running into issues. I sync my real debrid into orion and use orions scrapper to pull from syncler works on kosmos and express. I think its syncler. I will have to test when i have time. I currently dont. If syncler is having issues id use seren with rd or stremio.

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I personally don’t know what the problem is for me, but I have both Stremio and Syncler (paid version) and they don’t work for me. I search for streams and I constantly get no streams available or they can’t find the show/episode etc… I have followed all the advice and tips TP offers on how to set it up, what links to install etc…but I have had no luck using these addons at all, which is really frustrating considering the rave reviews I keep seeing from TP users regarding these addons.

Stremio needs Torrentio add-on. Stremio is great for main stream movies and TV series. Less popular videos may not have any links at all. Certain PBS and BBC videos may not have enough interest thus no links. If you’re looking for Asgard, you may not find it.

I have Torrentio installed. Not looking for much out of the ordinary. As for Asgard, I know it is a Kodi addon, which I already have installed. Thanks for the info.

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I tried Stremio for awhile and loved it.
Then, for whatever reason, I had 2 Firesticks and an ONN crash whenever I tried to use it, the ONN needed a complete reset.

Seren was great, but a Trakt error message kept showing and worse, every link showed a playback error.

For alternatives to Snycler, I would suggest The Crew, Nightwing or Navy Seal plus I have not had any problems with those at all.

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I never use syncler. Haven’t ever found the need or a good reason. I do use Stremio with Orion and RD only because of added security. I never have any issue finding and playing what I want. Yes you won’t find many links for a movie from 1932, but come on who will?

Its a user error, not to be rude but they both work great.

Syncler has not given me issues, nor stremio. Stremio takes some time to setup but works fine.


Which genric box? Syncler works amazingly well on my ugoos fire stick and computer. Im not sure how i can help anymore as im not getting issues its hard to help.

All my rd supports apps have been working great.


Using Bqeel box and it’s best I’ve owned or used. I have flattened it several times just to clean it up in the best way possible. It is running better right now than any box I have owned. Last night I deleted and setup RD in Syncler again. Didn’t help a great deal but I was able to make syncler work with minimal effort and watched 3 or 4 movies.

Its possible its a older version of their mobile os used on the boxes. Some cheap china boxes have alot of issues with these apps.

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Here’s the specs on my box–for what it’s worth. Android TV Box 9.0 4GB RAM 64GB ROM, Bqeel TV Box Android S905X3 Quad-Core 64bit with Dual-WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz, 3D Ultra HD 8K H.265 1000M, BT 4.0 USB 3.0 Smart TV Box

It has good specs, i was merly suggesting issues with the os the box uses vs syncler. That does happen.

Its possible that syncler is having issues as well we cant rule it out.

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.


Several times, you’ve mentioned syncing Syncler with Orion and use its RD. Could you point me to a tutorial for doing that?

Orion is also a paid service. Orion has a free account but you only get 10 links a day.

You need to setup a orion, then setup rd in Orion, configure your settings and copy paste the url into syncler setup as you would a manual provider install.

I’ll check out Orion. Thanks.