Orion on Kodi & Streaming Apps - Your Complete Set Up Guide

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Thank you for this guide, you can use orion on syncler or weyd as well. Kodi with seren and stremio will be your fastest link gathering tool.

You can check out my review here: Orion review

Please refer to this guide for setup purpose, if you need help on weyd or syncler let me know.

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Can’t believe it has taken me this long, but I am now testing Orion. I have been super impressed so far. Seems like a terrific sidekick to Real Debrid.

Aha, its a fantastic service. I use this and RD only.


@TP-Dracoo Is it possible to integrate this within the crew addon?

Once you install the Orion Repo and then the add-on into Kodi, it has a nice tool that helps you authenticate into many Kodi streaming add-ons. I believe The Crew is one of those, although I haven’t tried yet.

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Only works with seren. But in my honest opinion its better in seren and faster.

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The Orion website claims it should work with many Kodi add-ons. Gaia, Seren, The Oath, Fen, Venom, Exodus, Asgard, KodiVerse, The Crew and others.

I don’t plan on really using Orion in Kodi much, but I was reading up on it.

The Orion add-on

The Crew says “Native”, not sure what that means @Money.

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Unless i did something wrong i didnt get it to work. Seren uses scrappers for their addon which orion uses with a4k so it was seemless. I can try again later.

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@TP-Dracoo @AMD237 Thanks for the info! I am going to play around with it. Give me something to do. I must be messed up because I just see if I can get things to work, then end up moving on. Move on to the next new thing :grinning:

Oh s*** maybe that’s why I’m not married

@AMD237 mine says Native also, I tried searching using The Crew. It returned Real Debrid results along with free ones. How do you know if it return results from Orion?

I’m not sure on the Crew. On Syncler, it shows ORION and REAL DEBRID on the source line.

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