Streaming Device on Kodi

When streaming on Kodi, the previous week keeps coming up in the stream instezd of that particular day. I am wondering why this is happening. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you

check your time and date settings of kodi and also android time and date settings.

Kodi mega guide.

Please read this

Before you post or ask about IPTV, Free links or any of that info without a RD account you need to use our search function as this info is HIGLY talked about with tons of info. Bottom line is if you want to use kodi and get free links or streams without using RD it wont happen or work well, they come and go. The best option to use kodi is to pair it with Real Debrid which is covered below.

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Can you tell me how to check the time and date settings? I am using the crew add on and it is not showing today’ show, but last week. Do you think it is the add on?

This sounds like Non Debrid shows again, it’s happening on all of the free shows :pensive:.