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Hi everyone, there is an app called Balandro which is a Hispanic add-on so you can watch movies TV shows any Series/novelas you want basically. The add on to install it is
However, now that Diggs is gone, and I added a new build from the Crew and it is not letting me add any add-ons. I can’t add Alfa, or any other Spanish add-ons … can someone please help me ?? All my mother speaks in Spanish, and I need to have these channels for her so that she may watch movies and her Novelas. My new build is the crew nique or whatever that’s called . Diggz Xenon build is gone

Doesn’t matter what add-on you use if you setup Kodi correctly for Spanish subtitles. It’s so simple but it seems a lot of people overlook this step. Check out the Kodi master guide on here. One of those links are a video I posted on how to setup Kodi on first run and it goes over this. If you can’t find it let me know and I’ll get into Kodi again and post the steps here later.

That’s not the problem … The problem is that with the Spanish add ons you can watch Turkish series etc etc in Spanish

Also I do not want everything in Spanish obviously

Kodi mega guide.

You can choose to search for Spanish audio tracks by default in Kodi too, regardless of the add-on. Have you tried searching for these shows in the crew or other popular addons? If the shows are there then the Spanish audio tracks and subtitles are both probably available as well. You could default to Spanish audio with English subtitles or do the opposite. You could even install two instances of Kodi using a fork so one instance is setup this way and the other is all English.

To your original question, I’m not sure if that’s a locked build or not. All builds have a custom skin and shortcuts on the main screen. Unless you add a shortcut to the new addon you installed you won’t see it on your home screen. You have to go to the settings menu and go to the addon menu from in there to find it. On the other hand, if you’re using a locked build then you’ll be unable to download new addons at all. Which is your issue?

Diggz builds are not gone. Xenon is still available if you wanted to download and use it.

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