Seren not woking w/ 19.3 or 19.4

Everything has been fine; then within last week or so, Seren won’t work on Kodi 19.3…now neither will Oath or the crew. Have Mecool KM6 Deluxe, real debrid, trakt used. Diggz xenon plus 7.8. Seeing 4 module not found, and a JSONdecoder error in log. Help, pretty please?

I updated to 19.4 last month. Ive had no issues. Just checked The Crew, The Oath and Seren…all working perfect!
I can only assume there has been a change in your set-up recently? Something on your side is likely the cause. Id backtrack on any new installs, updates or modifications and see if you can find one that might be the issue.


Uninstall and reinstall. Seren works great.



All works fine with Kodi 19.4. After updating to 19.4 same issue uninstalled the add-ons cleaned the cash and installed them again all works fine :crossed_fingers:

Kodi mega guide.

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