Recommended Builds and kodi version

I have been a long time Firestick user and every recommended build I install doesn’t work properly. What version of Kodi do you use with each build? I currently have a stick set up with kodi 20 with dig and the strand don’t work. Have the same issue with kodi 20, the streams work but buffer horrible even with RD. Any suggestions on build and Kodi version? I’m super frustrated I have never had any issues!

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From some reports I’ve seen Kodi 20 can use up to 2.2GBs of RAM and the firestick only has about 1.8GBs. So using a Max I would install one of Troy’s Kodi forks and load a couple of addons as well as a cleanup wizard

i still use kodi 19 diggs zenon is a great build used with real debrid


Kodi mega guide.

Dont use builds on the firestick or kodi 20. This has been talked about alot.


The one I built. Very simple. Works on 20 also.


I installed 20 but it kept crashing so went back to version 19.5.
Try homeflix build from the crew wizard or infenity from the 709 wizard. Both builds just use one addon, infenity is really fast.

Thank you! Build is fast I love, however I can’t get live tV, getting a titan error won’t play anything. Using Kodi 20, skeleton 20 v2

IPTV all depends on Mad Titan working. Sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t even use Kodi for TV. I just added that because it was a popular request. On my own device I immediately deleted that section.

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