Real debrid with crew

I use crew more than anything and just found out they don’t support real debrid. I thought I read on troypoint website where it works great with it but but I can’t use it. I have like 3 choices with all debrid being one of them. I’ve never heard of any of them. We like real debrid. Just wondering if I’m doing something wrong? We are using Jodi 19.4

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Kodi mega guide.

Use the search function, the crew works with realdebrid


It absolutely does work with Real Debrid. I’m using it right now. Make sure when you are in the settings that you are recognizing where the different multihoster sections split. They are kinda all jumbled together in one section.


I honestly can’t find it :frowning:

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Thank you. Guess I just got frustrated while looking but I found it. Thank you


Yup, Im using it too :thinking: works great!

I think he couldn’t find it cuz it’s in #1or 2 resolver. Just guessing

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