Orion news plus review

This is my personal review and information on orion. I have used it for a month now without issues. But I want to be clear on some things first.

This is a premium indexer with pre cached metadata which yields a faster responses than local scrapper meaning decreased time in load times. Here is what was sent to me by orion. This has a free service but it’s limited by 100 links per day that resets after 24 hours. You can pay for a premium package of various types, I paid 15 bucks cad for one year of 5k links per day. What this means is every time Orion makes a search anything identified by Orion is considered a link so it’s strongly encouraged to limit that in your fliter settings which can be done on the website for syncler wako and weyd and by Orion kodi addon for seren and the stremio Orion plugin. I’m not saying you have to purchase anything I will discuss a free setup and a paid setup. You can just use Orion plus real debrid in free version of syncler without plus I have tested this works better than the free scrapper. Without debrid it’s good with the precache but Orion works its best when paired with a debrid service. Please keep this in mind. As many of you have real debrid this is great. There is guides on how to setup the whole thing on orion. I will also post my best fliter settings. Free and paid.


Must install this without provision app only manual installation or the “old” way

Orion panal :arrow_right: Addons :arrow_right: Packages :arrow_right: syncler. Once in here select get started you will see this:

The above picture is what comes up when you select get started that is your filter settings. That’s the best settings make sure to pick those always aside from resolution (cams sd 720 180 4k 8k) or audio change those to how you want it to fliter. Where it says 20 that’s your link limit, change that to adjust to your plan, remember it resets 24 hours, for free users set it to 5. So if your Orion is synced with your real debrid it will gather the best possible links according to your settings, for older shows I recommend sd and up. Also the top part you will see express and kosmos they both pull the same links so it doesn’t matter which one you use, but if you have express select express for kosmos pick kosmos but I did both on kosmos and it did the same thing. So you can use Orion+ rd on free and paid syncler.

Kodi + seren + Orion

You will need the Orion program add on for kodi and you configure your fliter settings in there inculding link limits and such. Whatever you do always have on best (premium) once done with that, you need to install the orion provider package, same way you install a4k, once you have done that remove a4k scrapper otherwise they just conflict. I have gotten 1500 links for a popular show in 5 seconds. It’s super fast, incredibly fast. It works amazingly well with kodi and seren, only works with seren btw. All the install info is on orion.


Similar to setting up torrentio requires a browser on your setup. You go to addons select community addons and install Orion addon. Once installed you select configure and it opens up a fliter list, set your link limit to your specs.

Make sure all your fliters are the same as mine! It’s the best setup. Only thing to adjust would be your preferred resolution method, audio settings and your links limit. It’s extremely important to have no more than 5 for free users.

Important notes

Take your time with the setup, read everything and be sure to ask questions here if you like. I also understand people with budgets I didn’t post this for everyone to spend money, but it makes a difference to getting content and if you use real debrid I would add this before anything els. It’s not a must tho, I just find it’s fast its accurate and goes hand in hand with RD. It supports others as well. Payment methods are cc or crypto, there is no PayPal. Do not use keyoneclick at all, your absolute best bet is crypto. You can use utop if you want to use cc but as many others have mentioned use with caution or a prepaid method. I strongly suggest crypto it’s easy once it’s setup. Coinbase is best.


This app is a paid app, there is no free option but it works beautifully. This app has a lifetime subscription or 5 bucks for 3 months. It works like syncler but uses Orion as it’s main scraper which is why I decided to shell out my extra crypto. And I’m glad I did. It works beautifully and is absolutely fast. It scraps links super quick and you can set your fliter settings to your linking. If you have android 9 or higher this app works wonderful. I’m very impressed with how it sorts and gathers shows. Now you have to pay to use it but it comes with a 5 day free trail if you have the free orion synced with your rd give it a shot. You can also sink weyd it’s self to the app.


Im going to do these ones later, I need to get my other box setup to fully test. Weyd works well on my phone.


Take everything here with a grain of salt, I want only the best for troypoint users and I feel this is a really good addition to real debrid or a paid service. I paid 15 bucks for a year with crypto.

Budget breakdown cad
Orion is us pricing, this was my cost cad even after conversion. Worth it.

15$ yearly for orion
45$ yearly for rd
60$ total for the year for this setup still less than cable. There is a lifetime subscription buts it’s 199$ us.


I personally recommend with real debrid. Syncler kodi and stremio users will benefit greatly from this. I have had it for a month and been awesome. Now it takes time to setup and it’s still considered a perimum service so please take that into account.

Registration link


Glad you managed to get it working.

Yes, the advantage is everything you listed. You’ll always be able to use the “local” providers in Syncler or Seren and get links, but Orion has the following advantages:

  1. We generally have more links than many of the addons/apps out there, since we retrieve links from many more sites/indexers/APIs.
  2. Orion is a lot faster. Depending on how many links you retrieve from Orion, the request should take 3-5 seconds for a few links (eg: less than 500), and no more than 8-10 seconds for many links (1000+). With “local” scrapers you have to scrape many different websites all at once. Depending on your internet speed and the current load of the servers, “local” scraping might take considerably longer until finished.
  3. As far as I know, Orion is (currently) not blocked in any country. Many torrent sites are blocked in many countries. That means you’ll be able to get links through Orion from sites that would otherwise be blocked by your country or ISP.
  4. Most torrent sites use Cloudflare these days. Some Cloudflare protection might be bypassable, but more and more sites use strong Cloudflare protection. This means that these website can only be accessed manually in a browser. Any automated software (aka every scraping addon/app) will be blocked by Cloudflare and you will not be able to retrieve links. This is not an issue with Orion.
  5. A few torrent sites block the use of VPNs. and Cloudflare typically increases its “protection” if you use a VPN. This is not the case with Orion. We allow the use of VPNs and actually encourage our users to use one.
  6. Orion has all metadata already extracted and processed. So can can save further time, since the addon/app does not have to do it.
  7. We keep local copies of .torrent and .nzb files. This means that even if these websites go down in the future, you’ll still be able to use the copy on our server (this is what the daily “container” limit is for). Mast NZB indexers also require a paid subscription. You’ll be able to get these NZBs from Orion without having to get a separate subscription for one of these indexers.
  8. We have a bunch of extra features in our API. This obviously depends on whether or not the addon/app uses these feature from our API. For instance, we do debrid cache lookups and allow users to resolve debrid links through our API (if they have authenticated a debrid account with us). This allows you to search/stream directly on our website. Some apps, like Stremio, also make use of this feature. You can retrieve links from Orion in Stremio and then immediately stream those links (using the debrid resolve feature in our API). Without it you would not be able to do this directly in Stremio.

Im still testing and playing around with it.


Very interesting thanks for putting in the time to do this . I was doing a little research today on Orion site . I will definitely be looking into this one thanks again keep up the great work I’m sure everyone appreciates it



No problem! Thanks for checking it out. I have referral link if anyone wants to try it.

I will have a 10 percent voucher in the coming weeks.


I’m definitely going to be interested in setting this up thanks again. I’m interested in the referral link also when ever you get a chance will be looking into this over the weekend


So what does Orion do that isn’t already down by using RD? Already paying for RD and get very good results. Now another paid service that does what? Read the review but spell it out in easy speak

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Orion is an indexer and search engine for torrent, usenet, and hoster links. Orion provides an easy-to-use API which is integrated into a wide range of Kodi addons and mobile apps, allowing you to quickly find links for your favourite movies and TV shows.

Orion is not a debird service, it does not host or distribute any files. Instead, Orion complements debrid services. A streaming addon retrieves links from Orion and then passes it on to a debird service for download. You can also use Orion without a debrid service, by either using a torrent streaming addon like Elementum, using a standalone download manager, or accessing hoster links that can be played directly without a debrid service.

Orion is a community-maintained database with a number of advantages over using local scrapers from your streaming addon. Firstly, scraping is a lot faster, since only a single request has to be made instead of contacting many different websites. Secondly, you have access to links from sites that were taken down or are otherwise blocked by your country or ISP. Thirdly, you have access to links from a number of premium sites that require a separate paid subscription. And lastly, Orion keeps an extensive set of metadata, including the video and audio details, file hashes, and user popularity, which makes picking the best link a lot easier.

By no means do you have to use it. I just wanted to add it to the potential lineup. Rd is enough, I just prefer the extra step.


THanks appreciate the insight


How do you link this with Syncler? I have the 3month sub with 50,000 hit daily limit. I have it synced up with my real debrid as well.


You must do alot of link searches aha. However 3 months isn’t expensive.

I think i may have forgot to mention that, but after you go to addons select packages and click syncler you select get started.

Pick kosmos or express whichever syncler version you have setup your settings. Then you copy that code and have to install it the old way to setup syncler provider packages.

That way.


Appreciate it that! Just got it up and running I’m going to test out later. Again thanks!



Posted my referral link. I believe it’s good for 10% off if you purchase.

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Updated information, included weyd.

Another cool option is on orion you can search for movies and shows and download them, magnet link them or upload directly to your Real-Debrid Downloader or use debrid cloud. This will be managed by real debrid and torrents or debrid Manger in syncler.


I found Orion to be pretty crap with Syncler + When searching within Orion’s dashboard for say Pam & Tommy there was no problem with great high quality streams but within Syncler + it found nothing, I ended up going back to the Github main Bouncy package. I also found that Orion would hardly ever come back with many 4K streams and the 4K streams it came back with were smaller than the 1080p streams. I had my search package set to 50 with 1080p min and 4K Max and still the results were pretty awful. I did a comparison with Bouncy package and the Orion package and the Bouncy package won hands down.

I will definitely not be using Orion in the future.


That’s fine, didn’t work for you. It’s not perfect but for 15 bucks a year I found it pretty good. The main purpose is to decrease your link search time. Less load time.

You can also search stuff on there website and directly download it to your apks apps or cloud. There is a little more to it then just searches. But again it’s not for everyone one and others will disagree that’s fine. Thanks for trying it. And Bouncy is fine but jackedup is far better.

I find orion works best with weyd stremio and seren, as many use those I thought they would try this.


I’ve tried using the Jackedup version with my own Orion API key and seems to be working with plenty of streams but I’m still not seeing any Orion links coming in though, still loads of Real Debrid coming in, but will use it for a while and see how it goes, maybe it needs some fine tuning :slight_smile:

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Interesting because jackedup with Orion regardless of what I did didn’t seem to register my orion, so I just used there code under packages and that worked. Wako works for syncler express.

Keep in mind it doesn’t matter what scrapper you use if it’s registered and synced with a real debrid they will all pull the same links as it comes from there server. I currently let my syncler run out and using free syncler and orion registered with real debrid works on the free version without issue. But again use what you feel works the best for you. I did this topic as it’s another option to cut the cord if we are talking cheap services. But I’m glad everything els is working.

Jackedup without orion works well.

I have a question about the kodi setup for orion. Where do you find the orion package to install in the Seren addon. I know you stated to install that package and uninstall the a4kscrapers package but I can’t find the orion package. I do have the orion repo and program addon installed.

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The guides in your Orion panal tell you.

Url link: https://seren.orionoid.com

Copy that, that’s your seren orion package


Ok thanks for the info.