Not sure how to setup IPTV

I downloaded the IPTV app and went to set it up, but it’s asking me for a url. I have NO IDEA what that is.

Can u help me?

i need help as well, I think most of them use a subscription fee. There are a few out there, but not sure which to use. A friend of mine uses kemo sat…any advice/

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If you purchased a subscription you will get an email with all the information to set it up.

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It’s hard to know which ones will work. It can be hit and miss. Troypoint guide to IPTV is a good place to start. Look at each site to see what you might like. Check out each site. They will have the details once you subscribe. I don’t recommend subscribing for longer than a month at a time until you find what’s right for you. I hope this helps.

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You typically need to buy a subscription.

  1. Look for a iptv reseller or providers on here or kiji.

  2. Ask for a trail version first to try it see if you like it.

  3. Don’t pay for more than a month. 8-15 a month.

  4. If you need a url or portal ID typically you have to send the box’s mac ID to the provider then they send you a url starting with http:// copy that into your setup make any name then hit connect.

For iptv smarters that needs login info the provider will send you. They also help you setup this info if you need help. You can msg me if you want help or look at the iptv guides on here.


Alright coach & splash… go to fuel-iptv… get a trial for a dollar (pay with ppal) wait for yur credentials enter them in tivimate & youll be stoked…
& I agree wth Drac & sweet
(not a paid spokes- person)

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It’s something you get IF you purchase a service from a IPTV provider. It will begin with http:// and end with a 5 digit number

yes i need your help it al sound god until you get to step # , then you lost me, plus their are so many. I do have a friend that has kemo sat
but he pays someone to update his firestick, ive come this far on my own i refuse to pay
thx for the response


Feel free to msg me if you wish.

But what is it you need help with?

On the back of your box is mac address and Mac ID. The Mac ID you send to your provider he sends you the portal ID which is a http:// login

If it’s xtreme code it’s login info he sends you. Ask for a trail first just to get setup before paying.

Thanks for the response which may be why I’m confused I want to use an iptv with my firestick
Yes I have crew, etc in kodi, but in when I use my add one in kodi and click on for Netflix it does not give me their entire library as well as the other paid streaming webs sites

Separate issue.

For iptv you need the iptv player app on the firestick

Use this guide for iptv:

Firestick iptv

Also for straming apps

Cinemahd + real debrid
Syncler plus + real debrid
Kodi with venom and siren + real debrid.

Firestick everything you need to know.

Thank you I will investigate into how to set everything up do you recommend an iptv
My friend had Kemo sat


I’m honestly not advanced enough to understand this process, as a matter of fact I’m laughing out loud because I feel very unintelligent. I watched the video and easy enough to set it up on my firestick but now at a screen that asks for log in details
I hope you’re patient because I am so glad you jumped in

Your not unintelligent, things like this don’t come easy to others. Once you do it you and learn it won’t be a issue.

You are at thr login in screen of what? Login with to your iptv with the info the provider gave you?

If it’s mac I’d, any name is fine. Then copy the htpp:// how the provider sent it.

If it’s iptv smaters or something that requires xtream it need login info. Copy everything you provider sent you as they sent in the right sections.

Hey Splash…
The credentials the iptv service emails you is a “playlist”… so when smarters or Tivimate wants you to add a playlist
Thats the server (http address), username & password the email provides… hope this helps clarify a little

Step by step from

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The URL is a code you get from your IPTV service that identifies them as your provider of content. That’s the code for you to be able to get the service up and running. The nice thing about downloading the service’s branded app is that this code is usually already embedded in it. But if you are being asked to input this info then I would just download the Tivimate player.

This is just 100% my opinion. Personally I would download the Tivimate Premium player. Then when you go to settings to enter your Xtream Code (shortened URL) and your username and password That’s it and you are all set.

The reason I suggest Tivimate is because IPTV services come and go for a variety of reasons. You can load as many IPTV services as you want on a Tivimate player, and you are allowed up to 5 separate devices on which to install the app. This way you have one of the most, if not the most, excellent players available today and will have no need to download anyone else’s player.

Btw, a url will start off looking something like this http:// I like using the shortened URL usually referred to as a Xtream Code because it is easier type in and it will also include the epg in the code. The regular URL is much longer and easier to make a mistake while typing. Plus you have to type in a separate one for your epg.

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