Navigating xenon plus

I’m new to this build or any build. I have loaded Kodi with several add-ons and have used them, but I don’t know how to get the content with xenon and can’t get back to the Kodi menu. Help please.


Welcome to the community, please take a look at our kodi guides sir.

Kodi mega guide.

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Kodi is not working properly. I have reinstalled it twice. Should I Jailbreak the Firestick again? I have Kodi 19.3 and the code on the Firestick is CE0984 and was purchased about 4 years ago.


Kodi builds on a firestick are not recommended especially on a old firestick.

Id use single addons or consider upgrading.


I have deleted the Kodi build. Kodi is still not working properly so I will reinstall Kodi again. My question has to do with Jail breaking the Firestick. Does it make sense to do that again?


All you are doing is turning on unkown sources to allow for sideloading, this wont solve kodi issues, i believe you are running into low resources and space so it wont run kodi properly.

Id look into that first.


Forgive me, wasent trying to sound rude. Id look into clearing up space where you can and run only kodi with a single add on instead of a build. Id uninstal and reinstall kodi then use crew or something. Otherwise its come down to the stick beinf 4 years old and cant handle kodi.

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