Messed up kodi app ! any way to delete and start over

Messed up kodi app ! any way to delete and start over ?


Yes, uninstall and reinstall reinstall.

sorry i’m a newbie updated once it worked years back this time totaly fouled it up how do iI delete all and start over with install ?

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Here is what I do on a Firestick 4K.
I go into settings.
Select applications.
Select Managed Installed Applications.
Select Kodi.
clear cache
clear data
Then I wold reinstall Kodi using the Troypoint rapid app installer.


do i delete downloader also ?
No need to delete downloader. You will most likely use it in the future.
The attached link is how to install Kodi using Downloader instead of the Troypoint Rapid App Installer.
Both ways will work.


Just go into your settings and uninstall kodi, it will clear everything, use the rapid app installer and reinstall kodi 19.3.

There is guides on the website if needed.

Kodi mega guide.


Just my two cents worth, but can’t you just go to your Kodi app in settings and clear data instead of uninstalling the entire thing? That clears out any loaded addons and Kodi is still there. Seems easier than uninstalling and re-installing Kodi. Then you would just have to re-install the addon you were using.

so kodi download was successful but lost addons for movies & tv shows

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how do i get them again or do i need to jailbreak the firestick ?

Just install the Kodi addons you use. No need to do anything else to the firestick.

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