Magic Dragon New Releases

Hello guys I’m running the Magic Dragon Build v13.4 (Not Add On) on Kodi v18.1 and about a week ago the New Release movie list stopped updating, I suspect it might be because TMD lost access to the IMDB? Any clues?

Also while I’, asking questions, I haven’t found a way to add my real debrid account to a BUILD on Kodi, it simple to add when using Add Ons but it’s either well hidden or not possible when trying to add to a Build, once again does anyone know?

Thanks from Florida for your help.


Use the search. During @Jayhawks659 following guide he covers that


I think with builds you have to find the settings and change your skin back to estuary (stock) then go into the add-ons and authorize real debrid. Then change everything back. But I’m not 100% sure since I don’t use builds anymore.

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