Life after Cinema HD?

The demise of Cinema HD gives me a problem. Until now, I have been using it, along with ES File Downloader, to download the occasional movie for holiday viewing. What are my options now?

Hey @bristle66 There are many apps the same & even better than the venerable CinimaHD…I use TeaTV when my iptv service doesn’t have something I want to see. Others will probably chime in on their favorites…or you can do a search here…as this subject has been talked about a lot lately. GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi. I’m grateful for the advice. But you’re rather missing the point. I know all about the apps that are out there - Bee, Stremio, Viva, Syncler etc. I’ve tried quite a few over the years. But I’m looking for something which - like Cinema HD - dovetails with ES File Downloader - to let me download material to my Android hard drive. Can you recommend one?



As you know Cinema HD is down.

There is 10 alternative to replace cinema hd. TP manual with the best alternative. Scroll down to table of contents and follow the link to read more about it, and how to install on Kodi/ Firestick.


I accept that all of these are perfectly good alternatives to Cinema HD. But that’s not the point. I’m looking for something that works with ES File Downloader in the way that Cinema HD used to. The attached link explains what I mean.

How to Download Movies on Firestick/Android in 2022 (Fast & Secure) (

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I’m not familiar with ES File Downloader. If beneath not correct for you we have to look further.

There’s ES File Explorer. Inside it a Tools eg Download Manager?. " Just entering the url".
There’s also Downloader. Those are two different application’s.

Downloader you can download eg APK’S, Apps, and ES File Explorer is one of the most popular file manager.

To download the Downloader it can be done via RAI from TP.

In most alternatives to Cinema HD, also explained how to download eg movie.

To download movies on a Firestick, simply choose your preferred content and select the download option. If downloading, make sure you are using a VPN to encrypt your IP Address.

After downloading you can view the content in ES File Explorer.

If this not the case pls let me know.

To download and use the Downloader if you don’t have it already just enter your email to receive the manual from TP.

Clearly, I’m not explaining this very well. Either that, or you have not looked properly at the Troypoint link I put in my last post.

Let me try again. I have a Mecool KM6 Android box. Occasionally, I like to download movies to it which I can then take away to view on holiday. With Cinema HD, once you had selected a movie, you were immediately given the option of downloading the movie to hard disk using ES File Downloader, or viewing it using ES File Explorer, VLC, MX Player etc.

I’m looking for an app similar to Cinema HD with that sort of functionality i.e. that provides an immediate link to ES File Downloader (or something similar). I don’t want to have to faff around embedding URLs and so on. I hope this clarifies where I’m coming from.


You have lots of options

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.


Real debrid allows you to dowbload torrents. Syncler and the devrid cloud and also orion.



The tone expression “where you come from” is not necessary we do not use this tone on this platform, through this you have enough information to use an alternative to cinema hd.

You can try them out until you find the right one. Good luck.


I’ve just installed ES File Explorer to see if I can fully understand what it is you are trying to accomplish so I can give you some suggestions. I personally don’t download movies. After the install and I opened up my Movie/TV Series app, Stremio, I am now able to select a movie and when I open it I can click the “share” icon on the top bar, far right, and I now have many selections available in a pop up window, four of which are ES options, “Save to ES, Send by LAN, ES Sender, and ES Note Editor”. Now you’ll have to forgive me as I’ve never tried to save a movie and don’t know how to use ES File Explorer to do so, but in Stremio after installing ES the previous mentioned options are now seemlessly integrated into Stremio. Is this helpful?

Many thanks for trying this. I also have Stremio and am able to bring up the options you describe using the share menu. The trouble is, if you click on them, they don’t do anything. And I can’t access the options in “Apps list”.

So it seems we’re no further forward. But thanks for trying.

hi i am still using cinema hd and so far its working fine

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@bristle66 Please don’t lose your belief in this site. A lot of great information gets passed along here. You got a bit “beat-up” on your first post. I understand your question, you are looking for an app that asks the exact same question as Cinema to open your video selection. I don’t know! You may have to download more than one APK and test them for yourself. As far as the comment by @Matrix “where you come from”, I couldn’t find that comment,but I’m glad it wasn’t you. You can always ask @Miki where you’ll get a straight forward, knowledgeable and courteous answer. Most active comments on this site pertain to Kodi, Syncler, Weyd, and Stremio or combinations of these. Welcome and good luck!

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I understand exactly what you mean because I used to do it myself. I have Filmplus on my Firestick and that offers a similar download option but using ADM (Advanced Download Manager). This is not in the Amazon store so I have not tried it but is probably in the Google play store so with your Mecool box you can probably get it. It is possible that other apps like Beetv and Teatv have something similar but I have not tried them.


I am at a loss why Downloading something is so important to you when as others have mentioned there are many ways to get anything you want VOD. KODI is VOD TV Shows and Movies. In addition the reason I bring up KODI is you are also able to Download anything as well.

Further to my previous post. I found the ADM app on apkpure and installed it. I found a movie using Filmplus and chose the ADM download option. It downloaded fine, although zi did not mess about altering the download destination. I then used ES Filexplorer to select and play it.
So it is very similar to the way we both used to use Cinema, although I found the ADM interface a bit chunkier. Hope this helps

You can try FilmPlus. FP is a lot like Cinema.


Rest assured, I have not lost faith in this site. Too much good stuff on here! Like you, I was a bit bemused by the Matrix comment. But offended? No.

I’m very grateful to all who’ve taken the time and trouble to respond to my post. I really appreciate it guys. You’re my heroes.


KODI frightens me. Far too complicated for a thicko like me. You need two degrees just to open it.


Many thanks. I’ll give Filmplus and ADM a go and let you know how I get on.