Kodi Diggz Xenon

After installing to the point where i access the chef builds, there are 10 builds to choose but none for Xenon except at the bottom and it’s in testing. I’ve cleared data and restarted 3 times and still not getting the build under chef for Xenon real debrid or free version. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @mgottes
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The designer may be working on it to update and to make it compatible to the the latest Kodi update.
If you are certain, and I mean this with up most respect, that you made no spelling and input errors, when you downloaded and installed it, then that is the only thing that makes sense to me. Others here on the forum have equally complained of problems with this build.
I suggest an alternative for now; do a clean install of Kodi and download and install one or two add-ons.
Look here for guides:


Thank you for the advice!!!

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