Kodi build for the old

Is there a build that is old man friendly. I mean that does not require Real Debrid or Trakt!


Real-debrid is your absolute best bet. Wont get alot id links using builds wihtout.

Kodi mega guide.

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I would suggest Stremio. A liitle work to get set up, but awesome.


Hi @84jd
Like @TP-Dracoo and @TXRon have mentioned, won’t find many working links anymore without real debrid. Stremio is a good option without any maintenance once you get it installed, plus it’s portable.
Best of luck.


Hi @84jd Real-debrid is easy to set up just a few clicks with a tablet or cell phone handy and you’re done. If you don’t want complexity stay away from builds. Just use Kodi, with the Crew addon and you’re done. These work fabulously with Real-debrid. Otherwise you won’t get any reliable streams. Lots of movie TV shows. Don’t be discouraged, use the Troy point guides and they’ll walk you right through it.


As mentioned above Real Debrid is a must unless you like to try free IPTV channels that no Real Debrid required.

But you have to install IPTV Smarters player, then you have to add m3u url playlist to view the free channels. This required few steps to setup.

If you like to try the challenge just post your comment again and I will be glad to help :cowboy_hat_face::+1:

have you thought about just loading apks lots on unlinked an easy to use

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