Kodi Add-Ons or Kodi Builds

My first adventure with Kodi was with builds, but that has changed now I use Add-Ons.
One of my reasons is that I can customize Kodi with exactly what I want.
There are other reasons but that is the main one.

Please mention what you like to use with Kodi.

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Hi @beecee
Welcome to the community.
If you do a search above you will find plenty of discussion on this exact topic. So give that a go for particular questions.
It’s an individual decision, lots use Seren, the Crew, Stremio, Syncler + to name a few. All use real-debrid to get the most links and best streams.
To get you started, @TP-Dracoo put together a terrific guide, also a great guide to customize the Crew by @Jayhawks659
Start here:

Come back here if you have questions. Good luck and enjoy!


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