Kodi 18 Seren Help

Using Firestick Kodi 18 Seren add on. When I open Seren>my shows>watchlist> then choose my selected tv series> choose my season and episode>

Now message says I have no providers installed…what do I do?

Can you find your way into your seren settings and make sure the providers are checked off?

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Install the seren provider it’s in the guide.


Thank you. I also added orion…not sure if I should keep that?


You can, but it needs the kodi orion program to actually work as it has ti sync to your account.


Do you think I should use or remove Orion? I am such a novice and trying to learn about these add on criteria and Kodi. I read post from insider for information but wish I had a guide source.


You do have a guide source. It’s posted and shared with you.

Kodi mega guide.

There is so much information on kodi just make sure you research and take your time with it. I wouldn’t worry about orion just yet, if you use real debrid get seren synced with it installed a4k on seren and just use that and learn how it works before moving to.something els, Orion is a little more complicated.


I really appreciate your help! Thank you so much. I am a 77 year young great- grand mother…you can teach an old dog new tricks! LOL!


I understand, it’s a huge undertaking, I get it. Just be patient and get one thing working before moving on. You will get there. :slight_smile:


Last night I went back to the install instructions and found the url? for provider. I think that worked! Thank you for helping me.


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