Is there an Indigo alternate for doing Kodi backup/ restore

I use to use Ares and Indigo to back up and restore kodi files . They are no longer available. What would be a good Kodi solution for back up and restore plus some clean up utilities.

There’s a Kodi Backup/ Restore addon built into KODI in the repository section under Programs. You will need an SD/micro SD card to use this feature though . It’s fairly easy to use. Select the path where you want the backup to go then select " Backup"

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Kodi mega guide.

I second the official backup utility in the Kodi repository. However, the file size will be bigger than some other options. Almost all of the various wizards you can find in the most popular repositories have a backup and restore option. The Crew wizard for example is one.


I’ve even copied and pasted the Kodi app with the build installed. RD and all. Using ES explorer you can go to internal storage , android , data and copy Kodi to a USB stick. Put it into another tv box then paste the app onto the same folder with the apps on the new device. In order for it to successfully paste to the new device you have to install Kodi ( without build) . This way it has a footprint to drop the full version from the USB drive to. If Kodi is not present on the new device it won’t paste into the folder.

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