Iptv buffering alot

Is there any way to stop buffing on iptv,thank you.

When encountering buffering please take a look here, lots of info.

You need to do some research, there is no cookie cutter answer or some magic thing. Once you done all this, your iptv provider is more likly the root problem. High congestion, lots of people on at the same time etc.


Take out a trial of a different service and compare. Chances are if they both buffer it’s on your end.


Hey @poppy3 Good info from Dracoo for you to troubleshoot with…& also a good idea from Sledgehammer to try another service…I would just add one more thing you might want to try:

Add this verified M3U8 of PlutoTV into your player & see if you get buffering while watching some of their channels…if you do, your problem may be within your local network &/or ISP…if not, then the problem will most likely be your IPTV service…as Dracoo mentioned. GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:


Lots of factors here to consider. Are you ousing a vpn? If so try different protocols and servers, if not your isp might be throttling you. Type of device you are using, overheating…and on and on…


What device and player are you using to stream?

All the previous info is a good starting point. Perhaps having multiple services will help as i use 4 different programs as well as 2 different vpn’s. I split the cost with a family member so i very rarely have issues and cost is still cheap.

Dracoo’s link should help you. It is important to keep in mind your streaming performance will be no better than it’s WEAKEST link, your internet & router strength & speed, your streaming device specs, RAM and memory, your vpn and of course the streaming service itself. Personally, I prefer to use a hardwired LAN connection to my primary streaming devices, which each allow up to 1 GB data transmission. That should give you plenty of buffering protection depending on your vpn and streaming service performance.

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I’am using a fire cube.


What player are you using?

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I’am useing a fire cube

No, You need a iptv player. He’s asking what do you use. Im assuming you didn’t go threw the help guides we have. For use to further help you, you need to go threw our guides. All the info is there.

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I’AM useing Tivimate 2-8-0 premium


Then try going into your tivimate setting and adjust your buffer size.

settings>playback>buffer size

Btw, the newest version of Tivimate is v.4.6.1 You have a veeeery old version if it is indeed 2.8.0!

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I should tell you that i don’t use a vpn and should i,i will find anewer version of tivimate.

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Re: version, go into Tivimate setting about, or you can check your version in your device settings in app management. If your version is old, then I would highly recommend that you update it. Also, am curious to know whether you have the official Tivimate app or is it one of those cloned ones.

Re: VPN, YES! you should use a VPN for most operations, especially when using unverified apps, and urls!


Will a vpn stop the buffering,is there any where i can get a .free tivimate premium.

A VPN is for protection. Using a VPN will most likely slow down your speed. You should run a speed test to see what speeds you are getting. Speed Test WiFi Analyzer - Apps on Google Play What IP provider do you have and what speed package did you buy?

I would suggest NOT getting one of those free knockoff Tivimate apps. They are prone to issues. You can get the FREE official Tivimate app, but you will NOT get all the features and you can ONLY install one url. TiviMate IPTV Player - Apps on Google Play

Btw, you get 5 connections with full features on the Premium Tivimate app. So you can share a couple of connections with friends or family to cut down on the cost. Although, for a lousy $25 bucks lifetime. The money is worth it, but I surely can understand when money is tight…been there!


I’ve tried all the tricks in the book and I think most times the fault is in the feed from IPTV service. Usually have around 65 mbs with SS active on Open UDP (I found this fastest). Restart device, restart modem/router, try different players, clear cache, check for robust memory, maximize anti-buffering settings and I’m probably missing some of the “tricks” that are recommended. The only thing that worked for me on stubborn buffering channels was to contact the IPTV service and complain about these specific channels. Amazingly, they started working a day later.

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