Installing crew on simplex build

I’m a newer user of Kodi. Is ther a way to install The Crew add on to the Simplex build once it’s running on a firestick 4K? If so, how? Thank you

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It installs very similar to normal but you have to go into system settings of the build and make sure unknown sources is turned on. And you’ll want to find your file manager in the build first so you don’t have to search for a file. Then find add source. Then do as normal, Add source, Install the repository, install the add on. But it’s all done through the build settings not Kodi. Hope this helps it’s a little different but nothing you can’t handle. :v:

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Kodi mega guide.

When. I type in the source code in file manager (Simplex by Cman build on Kodi 19.4) it loads the repository, but when I click on it, the configure and run buttons are disabled. Any ideas and thank you!

I’m not sure, it sounds like it’s already installed. But you loaded the Repo and then installed the video add on? You should read these links above or do some searches here, too many variables. Personally, you’d be better off with Kodi and whatever add on you want. Much better performance and stability. Hope these help.

They do. I appreciate your help. It’s finally up and running!

Oh That’s great, knew you could do it. You can fix most anything so don’t be afraid. Have a great night.

Could you please share how you solved your issue so that others with a similar issue can fix it. Congrats on getting it resolved. Bet it feels good.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

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